It's been a long road, but Josh Gordon is back in the NFL, as the league announced Wednesday he has been conditionally reinstated following his indefinite suspension a year ago.

Gordon met with the commissioner and league officials Wednesday, and has been cleared to make his return after multiple violations of the league's substance abuse policy. His reinstatement is subjected to continued compliance with the program, and is eligible to join the Browns to attend meetings and participate in conditioning and individual workouts. He will be eligible to be placed on the Commissioner's Exempt list Nov. 20, allowing him to return to full practice with the team, and the Browns can decide to activate him to their roster beginning Nov. 27.

That would leave Gordon eligible to play in the team's final five games, beginning in Week 13 against the Chargers. That's no guarantee – the team was reportedly considering trading him before yesterday's deadline – but there's a potential difference maker out there for the Fantasy playoffs. Should you pick him up?

Gordon is bound to be rusty after sitting out two and a half seasons, and the last time we saw him, he certainly struggled to get going coming off a suspension in the middle of the season. Gordon racked up 24 catches on 47 targets for 303 yards and no touchdowns in 2014, playing just in Weeks 11 through 15. He was, famously, the NFL's leading receiver the year before, racking up 1,646 yards on 87 catches in just 14 games, showing rare upside few players can match. And, the last time we saw him, in the 2016 preseason, he did this to Brent Grimes on a 44-yard touchdown: 


Plus, despite being out of the league for nearly three years, Gordon is, amazingly, just 26 years old. He won't turn 27 until next April, making him younger than many recent college graduates still viewed as players with room left to grow: 

Among others. Gordon's time away from the league is sure to have dulled his skills, but it's impossible to ignore what Gordon has done in his career. The Browns' quarterback situation has been a disaster, but their receiving corps might actually be worse, meaning there could still be room for Gordon to contribute here. 

He'll have to prove to the Browns that he's worth getting on the field, and it's a long shot that he actually ends up contributing enough to make a difference for Fantasy, but ... that upside. It's impossible to ignore. This was the first wide receiver in NFL history with consecutive 200-yard games, after all. If you're a shoo-in for the playoffs, snagging Gordon now makes sense. In one league where I'm 7-1 and was stashing Dede Westbrook, I swapped Gordon in at the end of my bench as a lottery ticket. 

If you actually need help right now, it's a lot harder to justify a roster spot for Gordon. Like I said, after such a long layoff, he's a long shot to become a contributor, and it's hard to justify a dead roster spot on someone who won't play in at least the next four games — and may not have a role beyond that. With six teams on a bye this week, you just may not be able to afford to roll the dice on Gordon. 

But this is the ultimate low-risk move in Fantasy, something we don't often come across. If Gordon doesn't work out, adding him should cost you nothing more than the last guy on your bench. If he hits, he hits right when it matters most: the Fantasy playoffs. 

He's not a must-add player, given the low probability of him actually hitting. But he's the best "Can-Add" player around. If you have the luxury to afford that dead bench spot, it's a move that could pay off handsomely.