Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy: Week 13 DST streamers

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So you're fully committed to DST streaming, huh? Good for you.

It represents one thing many Fantasy owners don't want to do -- take chances.

It's much easier on the soul to settle on an above-average defense and ride them through the peaks and valleys. If you aren't making a decision, then you aren't making the wrong decision.

I commend you for taking chances and attempting to control your own destiny.

Each week I'll give you some defenses that are available in a majority of standard leagues, followed by one deep-league option and one shallow-league option. Most weeks, I'll give you four or five choices -- so choose wisely.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts: Let's just start with this -- it's an awful week for streaming defenses. If you have a good one and it has a decent matchup just hold on to them. That being said, this isn't as bad of a matchup as you might think. The Colts cannot protect Andrew Luck, and even when he's at his best he is prone to interceptions. Also, the Jets pass defense hasn't been half bad since the start of the season.

The Jets pass defense has been much better after a very rough start. Part of that is due to the opponent and part of it is that they've done a much better job getting pressure on the quarterback. The Colts have been the second worst team in the league at protecting their quarterback, and I'd be surprised if the Jets didn't get to him multiple times in Week 13.

Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals: I gave Carson Palmer one more week as a Fantasy starting quarterback, and he squeaked out a 20-point performance and against a secondary that was beaten up and not very good in the first place. I was not impressed with what I saw from Palmer or the Arizona offensive line.

The Cardinals have thrown the second most interceptions as a team and allowed the third most sacks. While Washington isn't a great defense by any means, I do think there are enough ballhawks in the secondary to take advantage of Carson Palmer's generosity.

Shallow Leagues

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Patriots have been such a weird defense this year. It hasn't been bad in terms of yards or points allowed, but it has been atrocious in turning over their opponents. The Rams have been one of the best matchups for opposing defenses and will be traveling across the country for the second week in a row.

I don't know that there is huge upside for the Patriots because of their lack of big plays, but they're one of the safest defensive plays of the week, regardless of ownership. If they're out there, go get them.

Deep Leagues

Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets

Fitzmagic! That's really about it. As I've said all year, Jets games generally provide two starting DST options. I wouldn't expect the Colts to get much pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he turns the ball over at such a high rate it probably doesn't matter.

The only risk here is that the Jets get a lead and then pound away on the ground. That's a risk I'm willing to take in deeper leagues because the upside of Fitzpatrick's turnovers are worth it. If the Jets decide to start someone else at quarterback, it won't make me like the Colts any less.

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