Fantasy Football tweets from the past

During football season the bulk of my social media duties revolved around answering lineup questions or free agency scenarios on twitter. "T.Y. Hilton or Steve Smith?" they'd ask. "Choose one: Big Ben, Alex Smith or Jake Locker," they'd demand. It's probably not hard to see how hundreds upon hundreds of these queries revolving around the same handful of fringe players could get a bit repetitive.

Then this guy came along.

I deal with trolls by the dozen, but at least this guy was clever about it. So I decided to humor him.

He thanked me, and that was that. Another question popped up a few days later.

And another.

And another.

I began to theorize that this Twitter user wasn't a troll at all. Maybe he somehow got stuck in a time rift somewhere around 2002 with access to today's internet. Instead of figuring out how to win the lottery or invent Facebook, he just shrugged and joined a couple Fantasy leagues. This lazy time traveler quickly became my favorite Twitter follower, and I made it a point to help him out whenever I could. 

So here's to you, Mr. Debaje -- wherever and whenever you are. Thanks for making Sundays a little more interesting, and  be sure to take a flier on an unheralded rookie receiver named Anquan Boldin. We've got a strong hunch about him.

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