Your initial reaction to Week 1 of the NFL season is going to be to overreact. Don't worry, it's natural; it happens to everyone. Even seasoned Fantasy football analysts. We go seven months without watching football, and after an offseason filled with coaching changes, QB moves, and "Best Shape Of My Life" fluff pieces, your inclination is to treat Week 1 as this monumentally important event that will define how the entire season plays out. 

It isn't. Or, at least, it won't be for everyone. Sure, Week 1 sometimes tells us what the rest of the season is going to look like, such as when Lamar Jackson went off for five touchdowns or Michael Gallup had 150-plus yards ahead of their 2019 breakouts. But just as often, it's a red herring: Think of Marlon Mack's league-leading 174 rushing yards, or Sammy Watkins' 198-yard, three-touchdown masterpiece a year ago, and how those didn't exactly lead to either dominating the rest of the way. 

Sometimes, Week 1 is just another week. Players have good and bad weeks. They have good and bad matchups; sometimes games just go sideways. Just because it happened at the beginning of the season doesn't necessarily mean it's more meaningful than any other week. Separating what you can believe from what you can't is vital.

Because, of course, you can't afford not to react to Week 1. You can never afford to be passive in Fantasy football. It's a tough balance to strike, and it's hard enough to keep up with everything that's going on around 16 games, which is why I like to reach out to the Fantasy Football Today team to guide me. Every week on Tuesday morning, we do a survey on some of the biggest storylines and rankings dilemmas of the week. Here's what we are reacting to from Week 1 — and what we might even be over-reacting to. The consensus expert rankings can be found at the bottom of this story.

Which player helped himself most long term in Week 1?

  • Jamey: Josh Jacobs. Forget the three touchdowns, it was the four catches on six targets. I expected him to be more involved in the passing game, and this was a great start.
  • Dave: I feel a heck of a lot better about David Johnson than I did before the season. He looks smooth and is going to get leaned on quite a bit with Duke Johnson seemingly sidelined.
  • Heath: Cam Newton may have been rusty throwing the ball but it was great to see him running like the Cam of old. Once he settles in as a passer he may just be a top-five quarterback again.
  • Adam: James Robinson got every carry for Jacksonville and did well with them. I think he's a good sell-high candidate because I still expect the Jaguars to struggle and have to throw more, but Robinson is obviously a Week 1 winner. 
  • Chris: DeAndre Hopkins. There was a lot of skepticism about how many targets he would see playing for a new team with a new quarterback, but Kyler Murray seemingly only had eyes for him. He might be back in that top-three group at WR after one week. Honorable mention to Aaron Rodgers, who showed a willingness to throw down the field that has been missing from his game too often lately. If he can trust Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, he could be in for a huge season. 

Which player hurt himself most long term in Week 1?

  • Jamey: D.J. Moore. New coach, new offensive coordinator, new quarterback and a poor start from the (hopeful) third-year breakout. Hopefully, Week 2 at Tampa Bay goes better, but I'm concerned.
  • Dave: Not only did Mark Ingram not come through against a suspect Browns defense, but his own team limited his playing time (played 21 of 53 snaps with Lamar Jackson). It's impossible to feel excited about him.
  • Heath: Evan Engram was awful on Monday night and Darius Slayton was a star. Engram shared tight end targets more than I expected in Week 1, and that trend may continue.
  • Adam: Carson Wentz. Really, Wentz's offensive line is the problem here, but Wentz has not been a top-10 QB on a per game basis in either of the last two seasons, so maybe he's just overrated?
  • Chris: Engram. Because tight end is so shallow, you're still starting Engram in Week 2 in all likelihood, but this was a rough showing from Engram. He got his hands on several balls but wasn't able to bring them in, and there's going to be even more competition for targets with Golden Tate likely back in Week 2. There's so much potential here, but he sure didn't show it Monday night. 

Who are three players you are starting in Week 2 who weren't drafted as starters? 

  • Jamey: Hines, Jamison Crowder and Goedert. The latter is a great pickup if you just lost Blake Jarwin (ACL) or if you just need a tight end with upside.
  • Dave: Goedert, Crowder and CeeDee Lamb. All three should see plenty of targets in Week 2.
  • Heath: Newton, Hines, and Goedert.
  • Adam: Slayton, Miller, Lazard. How can you sit Slayton after Week 1? Miller and Lazard have great matchups. 
  • Chris: Excluding injuries, I'll go with: Russell Gage, Robinson, and Goedert. You might want to see more from Gage, but he had a solid camp and saw as many targets and ran nearly as many routes as Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones. And the Falcons may have to throw the ball 50 times again to keep up with the Cowboys. Robinson (Jacksonville's starting running back) and Goedert speak for themselves. 

Who are three players who are on notice for dropping if they don't perform in Week 2?

  • Jamey: Tevin Coleman, Christian Kirk and Austin Hooper. I'm hoping Coleman was limited to just six snaps in Week 1 against Arizona because of the air quality due to the wildfires there because he has the sickle cell trait, but the presence of Jerick McKinnon could be a problem for Coleman, as well as Raheem Mostert. Kirk had one catch for 0 yards on five targets against the 49ers while DeAndre Hopkins had 16 targets. And Hooper had just two targets in Week 1 at Baltimore.
  • Dave: I might dump them before Week 2, but the three names I'm thinking of are Mecole Hardman, Hooper and Kerryon Johnson.
  • Heath: Hayden Hurst, Kirk, and Johnson.
  • Adam: James White, Rob Gronkowski, Johnson. Let's see what roles Johnson and White have in Week 2, and Gronk needs to show us he's the best TE on his team.
  • Chris: Hardman, Chris Herndon, Matt Breida/Jordan Howard.

Who is your top streaming QB, TE, and DST?

  • Jamey: Mitchell Trubisky, Goedert and the Packers. Trubisky should build off his strong Week 1 performance against the Giants, Goedert was awesome against Washington and the Packers should make things difficult on the Lions, especially if Kenny Golladay (hamstring) remains out.
  • Dave: Same quarterback as last week: Minshew. Goedert would be the tight end, and the DST I'd pick would be the Packers, provided Golladay is still sidelined. 
  • Heath: Mitchell Trubisky, O.J. Howard, Tampa Bay.
  • Adam: Gardner Minshew, T.J. Hockenson if he's available and Dallas Goedert if you can't get Hockenson, and the Browns. 
  • Chris: Jimmy Garoppolo, Logan Thomas, and the Rams.

Week 2 Consensus QB Rankings

  1. Lamar Jackson, BAL — @HOU
  2. Patrick Mahomes, KC — @LAC
  3. Kyler Murray, ARI — vs. WSH
  4. Dak Prescott, DAL — vs. ATL
  5. Aaron Rodgers, GB — vs. DET
  6. Matt Ryan, ATL — @DAL
  7. Josh Allen, BUF — @MIA
  8. Russell Wilson, SEA — vs. NE
  9. Tom Brady, TB — vs. CAR
  10. Deshaun Watson, HOU — vs. BAL
  11. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT — vs. DEN
  12. Cam Newton, NE — @SEA
  13. Ryan Tannehill, TEN — vs. JAX
  14. Jared Goff, LAR — @PHI
  15. Carson Wentz, PHI — vs. LAR
  16. Drew Brees, NO — @LV
  17. Gardner Minshew, JAC — @TEN
  18. Joe Burrow, CIN — @CLE
  19. Mitchell Trubisky, CHI — vs. NYG
  20. Matthew Stafford, DET — @GB
  21. Kirk Cousins, MIN — @IND
  22. Jimmy Garoppolo, SF — @NYJ
  23. Derek Carr, LV — vs. NO
  24. Tyrod Taylor, LAC — vs. KC

Week 2 Consensus RB Rankings

  1. Christian McCaffrey, CAR — @TB
  2. Alvin Kamara, NO — @LV
  3. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL — vs. ATL
  4. Saquon Barkley, NYG — @CHI
  5. Derrick Henry, TEN — vs. JAX
  6. Dalvin Cook, MIN — @IND
  7. Aaron Jones, GB — vs. DET
  8. Josh Jacobs, LV — vs. NO
  9. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC — @LAC
  10. Kenyan Drake, ARI — vs. WSH
  11. Joe Mixon, CIN — @CLE
  12. Austin Ekeler, LAC — vs. KC
  13. Chris Carson, SEA — vs. NE
  14. Raheem Mostert, SF — @NYJ
  15. Jonathan Taylor, IND — vs. MIN
  16. Nick Chubb, CLE — vs. CIN
  17. Kareem Hunt, CLE — vs. CIN
  18. Todd Gurley, ATL — @DAL
  19. David Johnson, HOU — vs. BAL
  20. Nyheim Hines, IND — vs. MIN
  21. Benny Snell, PIT — vs. DEN
  22. David Montgomery, CHI — vs. NYG
  23. Melvin Gordon, DEN — @PIT
  24. Devin Singletary, BUF — @MIA
  25. Ronald Jones, TB — vs. CAR
  26. James White, NE — @SEA
  27. Malcolm Brown, LAR — @PHI
  28. Tarik Cohen, CHI — vs. NYG
  29. Mark Ingram, BAL — @HOU
  30. Antonio Gibson, WAS — @ARI
  31. James Robinson, JAC — @TEN
  32. Zack Moss, BUF — @MIA
  33. J.K. Dobbins, BAL — @HOU
  34. Jerick McKinnon, SF — @NYJ
  35. Chase Edmonds, ARI — vs. WSH
  36. D'Andre Swift, DET — @GB
  37. Cam Akers, LAR — @PHI
  38. Alexander Mattison, MIN — @IND
  39. Joshua Kelley, LAC — vs. KC
  40. Adrian Peterson, DET — @GB
  41. Latavius Murray, NO — @LV
  42. Jamaal Williams, GB — vs. DET
  43. Leonard Fournette, TB — vs. CAR
  44. Corey Clement, PHI — vs. LAR
  45. Darrel Williams, KC — @LAC
  46. Boston Scott, PHI — vs. LAR
  47. Sony Michel, NE — @SEA
  48. Peyton Barber, WAS — @ARI

Week 2 Consensus WR Rankings

  1. Davante Adams, GB — vs. DET
  2. DeAndre Hopkins, ARI — vs. WSH
  3. Julio Jones, ATL — @DAL
  4. Calvin Ridley, ATL — @DAL
  5. Adam Thielen, MIN — @IND
  6. Tyreek Hill, KC — @LAC
  7. Amari Cooper, DAL — vs. ATL
  8. Chris Godwin, TB — vs. CAR
  9. Allen Robinson, CHI — vs. NYG
  10. Robert Woods, LAR — @PHI
  11. Tyler Lockett, SEA — vs. NE
  12. JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT — vs. DEN
  13. Will Fuller, HOU — vs. BAL
  14. A.J. Green, CIN — @CLE
  15. Terry McLaurin, WAS — @ARI
  16. Odell Beckham, CLE — vs. CIN
  17. Stefon Diggs, BUF — @MIA
  18. Jamison Crowder, NYJ — vs. SF
  19. Cooper Kupp, LAR — @PHI
  20. D.J. Moore, CAR — @TB
  21. Marquise Brown, BAL — @HOU
  22. Mike Evans, TB — vs. CAR
  23. Keenan Allen, LAC — vs. KC
  24. A.J. Brown, TEN — vs. JAX
  25. Michael Gallup, DAL — vs. ATL
  26. D.J. Chark, JAC — @TEN
  27. DK Metcalf, SEA — vs. NE
  28. T.Y. Hilton, IND — vs. MIN
  29. Julian Edelman, NE — @SEA
  30. Darius Slayton, NYG — @CHI
  31. Marvin Jones, DET — @GB
  32. Tyler Boyd, CIN — @CLE
  33. Jarvis Landry, CLE — vs. CIN
  34. Diontae Johnson, PIT — vs. DEN
  35. Sammy Watkins, KC — @LAC
  36. John Brown, BUF — @MIA
  37. Emmanuel Sanders, NO — @LV
  38. Anthony Miller, CHI — vs. NYG
  39. CeeDee Lamb, DAL — vs. ATL
  40. Sterling Shepard, NYG — @CHI
  41. Mike Williams, LAC — vs. KC
  42. Preston Williams, MIA — vs. BUF
  43. Robby Anderson, CAR — @TB
  44. Allen Lazard, GB — vs. DET
  45. Jerry Jeudy, DEN — @PIT
  46. Parris Campbell, IND — vs. MIN
  47. Danny Amendola, DET — @GB
  48. Henry Ruggs III, LV — vs. NO

Week 2 Consensus TE Rankings

  1. Travis Kelce, KC — @LAC
  2. George Kittle, SF — @NYJ
  3. Mark Andrews, BAL — @HOU
  4. Darren Waller, LV — vs. NO
  5. Hunter Henry, LAC — vs. KC
  6. Evan Engram, NYG — @CHI
  7. Zach Ertz, PHI — vs. LAR
  8. Jared Cook, NO — @LV
  9. Dallas Goedert, PHI — vs. LAR
  10. Noah Fant, DEN — @PIT
  11. T.J. Hockenson, DET — @GB
  12. Tyler Higbee, LAR — @PHI
  13. Jonnu Smith, TEN — vs. JAX
  14. Hayden Hurst, ATL — @DAL
  15. Chris Herndon, NYJ — vs. SF
  16. O.J. Howard, TB — vs. CAR
  17. Logan Thomas, WAS — @ARI
  18. Austin Hooper, CLE — vs. CIN
  19. Jimmy Graham, CHI — vs. NYG
  20. Rob Gronkowski, TB — vs. CAR
  21. Mike Gesicki, MIA — vs. BUF
  22. Jack Doyle, IND — vs. MIN
  23. Eric Ebron, PIT — vs. DEN
  24. Greg Olsen, SEA — vs. NE