This isn't the best week for our hot takes. There just wasn't all that much that happened this week that really got my blood flowing. That's not to say this was a totally predictable week -- no week in the NFL is -- but there just wasn't much that happened to change my opinion on players. It wasn't a needle-moving week, in other words.

Still, I'm nothing if not willing to overreact to small-sample size noise, so here's the latest takes for Week 7 of the NFL season.

The bottom is about to fall out for Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon
DEN • RB • 25
Week 7
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This remains a source of great controversy, and why wouldn't it? If you drafted Gordon in the fifth round, you feel like an absolute genius because he has given you consistent top-3 RB production at nearly the midway point of the season. The only thing that could make you feel smarter is trading Gordon when his value is at its absolute highest, and that is right now. Gordon has been a touchdown machine -- three more this week, bringing him to 10 in seven games -- but that has helped cover up for the fact he hasn't actually run the ball all that well so far. Even if you think his offensive line deserves plenty of blame, his 3.34 yards per carry rate shows how ineffective he has been for the most part this season. In fact, of the 17 running backs who have scored at least 10 touchdowns in their teams' first seven games since 1999, Gordon's 3.34 YPC is the worst of the bunch. Maybe the Chargers offense, which currently ranks second in points per game, will continue to give Gordon ample scoring opportunities. Maybe he will simply play better moving forward, negating some of our concerns about regression. However, you don't have to look far to find another example of a player failing to sustain an early scoring pace; Devonta Freeman had only four touchdowns in his final eight games after scoring 10 in his first seven a year ago. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Allen Robinson is the ultimate buy-low candidate

Allen Robinson
CHI • WR • 12
Week 7
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I wish I could blame this all on Blake Bortles, because I've been low on him dating back to last season, but Robinson's slow start isn't totally out of his own hands. For one thing, Robinson has already dropped seven passes on 55 targets, after dropping only eight passes on 151 a year ago. Additionally, Robinson is averaging 1.8 yards after the catch, the ninth-worst number out of 108 receivers who qualify, according to Last season, he gained 4.4 yards per catch after contact, a more representative number for a player with his skills. Robinson depended heavily on the deep ball last season, racking up 672 yards on 19 receptions thrown at least 20 yards downfield, but he has only one such catch this season. And this is where Bortles does deserve some blame; only two of the 10 deep passes he has thrown Robinson's way have been graded as catchable by; that number was 43.4 percent a year ago. Accuracy will probably always be an issue for Bortles, but you have to expect him to improve on his play so far, and Robinson will only benefit. This connection was simply too good not to be better moving forward.

Amari Cooper is still the best receiver in Oakland

Amari Cooper
DAL • WR • 19
Week 7
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Michael Crabtree has been the best receiver for Fantasy this season, ranking seventh in Fantasy scoring in the aftermath of his two-touchdown performance Sunday. Cooper hasn't been bad, of course, ranking 13th in Fantasy scoring even after Sunday's dud, but Crabtree was the better Fantasy receiver last season too, so there is a pattern here. There might even be a bit of disappointment surrounding Cooper, whose per-game production has barely improved from a year ago. However, this is solely because of touchdowns; Cooper has only one, compared to six for Crabtree. I would bet on Crabtree finding the end zone more often than Cooper -- especially with a five-score lead -- but Cooper has more targets, receptions and yards, and has the big-play ability to turn just about any score into six. The Raiders have leaned heavily on Crabtree in the red zone, and it has worked out for them, but I'll bet on the guy who doesn't need to be in the red zone to be the better Fantasy player.

Jamaal Charles is not getting his job back

Spencer Ware
KC • RB • 39
Week 7
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It would be awfully hard to justify taking the ball out of Spencer Ware's hands, because all he has done is produce like one of the best running backs in football this season. Ware is gaining 5.2 yards per carry this season, and continues to prove he can make a difference as a pass catcher out of the backfield. There just isn't an obvious hole in Ware's game right now -- he is gaining 5.3 yards per carry going back to last season, too -- which makes it hard to see how Charles can regain the lead back role. If he were healthy, there wouldn't be any question, of course; Charles is one of the best backs in recent NFL history. However, after dealing with recurring knee issues in the wake of his season-ending surgery last year, it's pretty clear Charles isn't himself right now. At this point, is there any reason to expect him to? I'm not sure. Ware isn't playing himself out of a job, and Charles hasn't given us any reason to think he will force the issue.

You need to trade for Doug Martin right now

Doug Martin
LV • RB • 22
Week 7
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It isn't clear when Martin can come back from his hamstring injury; he missed Week 7 following a setback in his recovery in practice. We'll find out more in the next few days, but he hasn't yet been ruled out for Week 8, and he has a huge opportunity to make an impact down the stretch if you buy low on him. The Buccaneers have force-fed Jacquizz Rodgers 62 touches during the past two weeks, and you have to imagine they would much rather have Martin getting that work. Martin's owner is probably pretty desperate right now, and in the aftermath of this injury, the asking price might not be too high. We've seen Martin be a top-five running back in the past, and if you can get him for a discount -- maybe he only costs you Terrelle Pryor or Tyrell Williams at this point -- that's a great stash candidate to have in your back pocket. If you're already in a good place in the standings, Martin could be your secret weapon.

Carson Wentz isn't worth a roster spot

Carson Wentz
PHI • QB • 11
Week 7
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I'm not going to say Wentz was overhyped in September, because he really was playing well early on. He was accurate down the field and reading defenses pre-snap well, and nothing about his performance through the first four games of the season screamed "fluke." However, the past two weeks have been a bit of a rude awakening for him. His Week 7 struggles against the Vikings are understandable, given how tough their defense is, but that was the follow-up to a miserable outing against a much easier Washington defense. Wentz is going to have flashes where he looks tremendous moving forward, but he also has only eight touchdowns through six games, and isn't racking up huge yardage totals either. This isn't an indictment of Wentz, who has made believers out of a lot of skeptics with his play so far. However, he is 66 percent owned in leagues, and it's hard to see him making a consistent Fantasy impact moving forward. As a streaming option against good matchups, he has value, but you will want to drop him before Week 8 against the Cowboys. He is expendable this season.