We're nearing the mid-way point of the Fantasy football regular season season, and things feel like they might finally be settling down. Week 6 went off without any serious COVID scares around the league, thankfully, and hopefully that will be the case moving forward as teams have solidified their strategies. And we've gotten plenty of answers to some of our biggest questions from earlier in the season.

For instance: It really looks like Darrell Henderson has locked up the lead rushing role for the Rams, while Ronald Jones has done the same for the Buccaneers and Kenyan Drake put concerns over his role to bed with a huge performance Monday night. There are still plenty of running back questions to be answered of course — including in Kansas City, where I expect Clyde Edwards-Helaire remains the lead guy while Le'Veon Bell works in as the No. 2 back with an emphasis on the passing game, like we saw with the Browns when Kareem Hunt joined them last season. But there's enough of a sample size at this point in the season that we can at least believe in what we've seen. 

Of course, every week brings new questions. I went to Twitter to find some of our readers' biggest questions heading into Week 7, providing my answers in Tuesday's edition of the Fantasy Football Today Newsletter — subscribe here for all of our content and unique analysis on everything from around the NFL right to your inbox — and I posed the same questions to the Fantasy Football Today team to see where they are at. Here are our responses on those big questions, along with everything else you need to get your lineup set for Week 7:

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1.Who is your top waiver-wire target for Week 7?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: Justin Jackson, if available, should be the No. 1 player to add. Although it will be interesting to compare him to Giovani Bernard if we find out that Joe Mixon (foot) is out in Week 7.
  • Dave Richard: The Bengals were mum on their injuries on Monday -- coach Zac Taylor said there was "nothing alarming." So if Mixon is okay, or at least perceived to be okay, Justin Jackson would be the player I'd look for first and foremost. Boston Scott would be right behind him, but I wouldn't spend more than 15% FAB to land him.
  • Heath Cummings: It's Justin Jackson. He had 20 touches in Week 5 against the Saints and now gets a fantastic matchup against Jacksonville. 
  • Chris Towers: The bye week seems to have suppressed Jackson's roster rate, so if he's still available in your league, consider yourself lucky. He figures to start for at least the next few weeks with Austin Ekeler sidelined, and he should have a role even when Ekeler comes back, given Joshua Kelley's struggles. Jackson could be a No. 2 RB for the next few weeks at least.

We talked about our favorite waiver wire targets on Tuesday's episode of the Fantasy Football Today podcast. Listen below and head to Apple or Spotify to subscribe for more: 

2. At what point do you bail on a committee RB? I have Cam Akers, Anthony Gibson and Kenyan Drake, and I'm trying to figure out who is eventually going to emerge, if at all.

  • Jamey Eisenberg: I can see Fantasy managers having a tough call to make on someone like Akers, especially if you need an injury replacement or have good depth at running back and will never play him. But there's no way you can bail on Gibson or Drake, especially after what Drake did in Week 6 against the Cowboys.
  • Dave Richard: Once I realize any player on my team has no chance to start on my squad and wouldn't net me anything in trade, I drop him. I never want to drop anyone, but if I need the bench space to carry someone who offers more value, I don't hesitate.
  • Heath Cummings: Gibson gets the Cowboys this week, so I'm certainly not bailing on him. I'm probably starting him. If Darrell Henderson has another game where he dominates touches and Akers is stuck on the bench, I'd consider dropping him. But D'Andre Swift showed us in Week 6 that you should be as patient as you can be with these rookies, especially J.K. Dobbins.
  • Chris Towers: There's no one easy answer to this kind of question, except: You probably have to wait it out, assuming there is upside worth waiting for. In the case of the three you mentioned, Akers is the one you can most justify dropping at this point, given that Darrell Henderson has been so good in the running game and the Rams clearly trust Malcolm Brown most in the passing game. In all three cases, however, you're still hoping for upside, and the guiding principle I would use when trying to figure out who to drop and who to hang on to is this: Keep whoever you think might make you regret dropping them most. Adrian Peterson might be serviceable as a No. 3 back, but you're unlikely to ever face a scenario where you really regret dropping him, because he just doesn't have much upside. Prioritize guys who could become three-down backs, or at the very least, who could get passing game and goal-line work. All three guys here pass that test. 

3. Which early-round picks are you willing to drop (not counting injuries)?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: It's time to move on from Mark Ingram and Leonard Fournette at running back. You can drop T.Y. Hilton and Michael Gallup at wide receiver. And you can drop Tyler Higbee at tight end.
  • Dave Richard: T.Y. Hilton hasn't found the end zone in 11 straight, hasn't registered 100 yards in 17 straight, and hasn't even had 80 yards in 15 straight. Even when he does eventually score or pop off for a big game, I don't expect him to repeat it frequently. And Zach Ertz is now hurt on top of being a disappointing Fantasy liability this season. Moving on from both isn't scary at all.
  • Heath Cummings: I may have to cut bait on T.Y. Hilton this week and I could consider Akers as soon as next week. 
  • Chris Towers: You can definitely drop Ingram ahead of his bye, and Ertz's injury makes him droppable, too. You might also consider Fournette, though I'd wait at least one more week to see what his role looks like upon his return from the ankle injury. And, maybe I'm overreacting, but I'm not far from considering it with JuJu Smith-Schuster, who has five or fewer targets in three straight games while seeing his snap share fall as well. He just hasn't stood out in that passing game yet.

4. What do you think D'Andre Swift's role looks like moving forward?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: He should be the lead running back for the Lions ahead of Adrian Peterson. What does Detroit gain from using Peterson over Swift? Swift is more explosive and better in the passing game, and after what he showed in Week 6 against Jacksonville, he should be No. 1 on the depth chart for the Lions moving forward.
  • Dave Richard: The Lions coaching staff insists on using multiple running backs each week, and Week 6 was no different. In fact, Swift played the same exact percentage of snaps at Jacksonville (38%) as he did in Week 4 against the Saints. So while he played very well on the touches he had, it was against Jacksonville and isn't necessarily an elevator to more work moving forward. I can't trust the Lions coaching staff to make Swift their lead back, even though the film says they should because he's quick and able to play three downs.
  • Heath Cummings: For Week 7, I expect a 45-45 split with Adrian Peterson (the other 10% goes to Kerryon Johnson) between the running backs, with Swift getting a majority of the running back targets. But one more game like Week 6 and I think he could be looking at 15-18 touches per week consistently.
  • Chris Towers: I wouldn't expect the Lions to go away from their three-back rotation, but I do expect Swift to be the best back there moving forward. He's already proven to be the most dynamic playmaker in the passing game, but he showed his skills in every facet of the game Sunday for the first time. He's the only back in Detroit who can say that, so I expect him to get something like half of the running back touches and snaps, including the passing work. That should make him a viable flex starter, with significant upside beyond that. 

5. Should we be worried about Tyreek Hill?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: There's only two ways I'd be worried about Hill: If he's hurt or Patrick Mahomes is injured. That's it. Otherwise, buy low on Hill, ASAP.
  • Dave Richard: Sheesh, one game without a touchdown and without six targets and everyone gets nervous. No one should be worried about Hill. He's still second on the Chiefs in targets per game.
  • Heath Cummings: I'm a little worried about him being a No. 1 receiver. The only plan that might work against the Chiefs is what we saw Buffalo do, taking away everything deep and letting them run. If everyone copies that, it's going to be a disappointing season for Hill. But I'm still starting him every week.
  • Chris Towers: So, that's five times in six games with six or fewer targets for Hill after his three-catch, 20-yard performance Monday. It's fair to be worried that you won't get first-round value from Hill, but you also have to remember that he's one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL and gets work in the running game regularly — seven carries in six games. Hill can score every time he touches the ball, which means you don't need huge volume every week, though it may also mean he's more like a low-end No. 1 or even No. 2 WR than an elite option. 

6. Does Ronald Jones keep this up when Fournette comes back?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: Yes. Maybe not the exact level of production because that's hard to sustain, but he should continue to be the lead rusher for Tampa Bay and dominate touches. Save Fournette in case Jones goes down due to injury.
  • Dave Richard: Jones will keep this up until he doesn't, and it's at that point when Bruce Arians will change him out for Fournette. Sounds harsh, but that's football. The question must then be: Can Jones keep this up for the rest of the season? If he continues to play mistake-free football, then I think he'll have a shot to be very useful every week. But in the leagues where I have Jones, I'm making an effort to acquire Fournette for if/when the Bucs make a change.
  • Heath Cummings: He's been over 100 yards three straight weeks, I doubt he keeps that up. And I'm not sure how much this has to do with Fournette. I think the bigger question is how many mistakes can Jones afford before he starts losing playing time again. It has to be at least three now, right?
  • Chris Towers: Well, he's not going to keep running for 100 yards and a touchdown every week, but Jones was still playing more snaps than Fournette even before the injury in two out of three games. Jones has certainly benefited from Fournette's absence, and at this point, it seems safe to assume he's not going to lose his job to Fournette as we feared he might at the start of the season. But it's also more than fair to view Jones as a sell-high candidate if someone views him as a potential top-12 running back moving forward. He probably won't be that. 

7. Which hot starts are you selling?

  • Jamey Eisenberg: The two obvious ones are Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen. You've already seen a bad game for each, but hopefully you can still get something great in return for them. I'm shopping Derrick Henry as well. His value is extremely high right now, but the injury for Taylor Lewan (ACL) is a concern, as well as the ongoing wear and tear concerns. You should get a nice haul if you can shop Henry to a running back-needy team.
  • Dave Richard: Josh Allen, but not until he beats up on the Jets this week. I may do the same with Stefon Diggs since he's Allen's top receiver. I'd also consider any lucrative offers I might get for Lamar Jackson (not performing to what his draft ranking was), Ronald Jones (see above) and Julio Jones (only if someone overpays for him). I would not just move those three for just anything, however. 
  • Heath Cummings: I would like to know what I can get for Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, and DK Metcalf. They all rank in the top eight among wide receivers and I'm skeptical any of them will be top-12 receivers rest of season. Diggs' end of season schedule gets really tough. I'd also like to see what I can get for Will Fuller due to his injury history.
  • Chris Towers: I've been calling Mike Evans a sell-high candidate for weeks, but you might have missed your shot after Week 6. It might be a bit too late with Josh Allen, so maybe I'll wait until after he gets to face the Jets this week. Ronald Jones is also an easy and obvious sell-high candidate, and I would consider moving James Robinson if someone views him as an elite running back, because the production has trailed the perception for a few weeks. And at wide receiver, I would consider moving DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson, who probably can't quite sustain what they've done so far in terms of big plays or touchdowns. Though, in those cases, I would be happy to hang on to both, too.

So who should you start and sit this week? And which surprising quarterback could lead you to victory? Visit SportsLine now to get Week 7 rankings for every position, plus see which QB is going to come out of nowhere to crack the top 10, all from the model that out-performed experts big-time last season.