Fantasy Football Week 9 Top DFS plays: Don't shy away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There have been plenty of stories about the rough start the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gotten off to. Jameis Winston's shoulder isn't right and it seems like his head isn't either. Doug Martin has been about as inefficient as they come on the ground, and Mike Evans doesn't have a 100-yard game all year. It doesn't exactly sound like the type of team you want to stack in DFS, especially on the road.

There have also been a lot of stories about the Saints much-improved defense. Marshon Lattimore looks like one of the best young cornerbacks in the game. They're tied with Seattle for the fifth-best DST in in Fantasy. They have scored at least 10 Fantasy points in four of their last five games. It doesn't exactly sound like the type of defense you want to stack against, especially when they're at home.

But that's exactly what I'm going to do in tournaments this week. 

This Saints defense is more of a big-play defense than a shutdown defense. They're still going to give up plenty of yards on the ground and plenty of points overall. No, I'm not saying they're a bad play this week. I'm sure Jameis Winston will give them opportunities. But in between Winston's three-to-four brain farts, this lines up as a high-volume, high-upside opportunity. And he won't be highly owned.

Ownership projections are provided by @UFCollective. You can get all of their projections here

Player NameFD PriceFD OwnershipDK PriceDK Ownership
7,700 5.96% 5,800 4.96%
8,300 11.59% 7,00 14.33%
8,500 15.75% 7,300 17.56%
8,200 16.71% 6,700 17.25%
7,800 6.59% NA NA
Running Back
Player NameFD PriceFDDKDK Ownership
6,700 6.22% 5,800 7.67%
8,900 31.85% 9,000 25.64%
6,100 3.72% 6,500 4.44%
6,600 10.13% 6,300 23.68%
6,800 10.62% 5,600 14.96%
Wide Receiver
Player NameFD PriceFD OwnershipDK PriceDK Ownership
7,900 8.68% 7,800 12.72%
7,700 32.78% 6,400 29.69%
6,200 5.46% 5,500 9.9%
5,700 5.04% 5,000 8.36%
8,500 16.42% 7,700 13.99%
Tight End
Player NameFD PriceFD OwnershipDK PriceDK Ownership
Team NameFD PriceFD OwnershipDK PriceDK Ownership
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