Fantasy impact of NFL rule change proposals

NFL owners will consider a slew of rule changes at their annual meeting this week. One change would spice up Fantasy football. Another would chip away at our enjoyment.

On the plus side, owners will look at moving the PAT to the 25-yard line. Two-point conversions would still be from the 2-yard line, so coaches would go for two more often. Teams converted 2-point tries 50 percent of the time the past three years. In strong wind or bad weather, coaches would have great incentive to go for two.

More 2-point conversions means more Fantasy opportunities. QBs, RBs and receivers would benefit, especially big targets on fade patterns. It's an exciting play, the exact opposite of a PAT.

There's been talk about getting rid of the PAT altogether, an idea Dave Richard explored here.

The change I hate seems like a small one. There's a proposal to keep the clock running on sacks. Currently, the clock stops until the ball is spotted for the next play. With approxmately five sacks per game, that could add up to a minute of lost time per game. Hey, we only get 60 minutes! 

This reminds me of when the NFL changed the out-of-bounds rule, keeping the clock going except for the last two minutes of the first half and the last five minutes of the game. The result: fewer plays, more commercials, the same 3-hour TV window.

Thank goodness for hurry-up offenses, or teams would be down under 60 offensive snaps per game.

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