Fantasy press conference: July 22

Arian Foster is the kind of solid running back worth starting your draft with if you pick late in Round 1. WRITE CAPTION HERE. (USATSI)
Arian Foster is the kind of solid running back worth starting your draft with if you pick late in Round 1. (USATSI)

The term "mailbag" is old and overused on the interwebs. "Press conference" sounds cooler. So here's today's short-but-sweet Q&A with people who have recently emailed me. 

From David G.: In a 12 team, 0.5 ppr, one keeper where I'm keeping Gronk in the 6th. Would you prefer to start your team with the first four picks of Arian Foster, DeMarco Murray and then two quality receivers ranked anywhere from 10 to 20th, or would you prefer to start your team with Dez Bryant and Julio Jones, then come back with two RBs like Ryan Mathews, Shane Vereen, Bishop Sankey or Toby Gerhart pick 2? 

From Dave in Florida: Great strategy question. Every owner needs to think about how they want to start their drafts, so maybe this will help out. I never like to pre-determine my first four picks because I like being able to adjust on the fly to how the draft shakes out. But in a 12-team league I know I don't want to be caught without at least one great running back and one great receiver. So I might pencil in going RB-WR with my first two picks but would be open to going with two backs if one I really liked got to me in Round 2.

If you MUST go RB-RB or WR-WR with your first two picks and then pick at the other position with your next two picks, I'd feel more comfortable taking the running backs first. 

From Rowan P.: Would you rather pick 10th or 14th in a 14-team standard scoring league?

From Dave in Florida: The answer might vary from year to year but you're locked into a stud difference-maker at 10th overall. Any of the top seven running backs plus Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Jimmy Graham and if the mood strikes you Peyton Manning all will be available. They could all be gone by 14th overall. The other cool benefits is that you'd presumably have the 19th overall pick which could be used on a back before that position gets thin. You can also have the advantage of seeing what the needs are of the owners picking in the 11 through 14 slots and adjust your draft queue accordingly. 

From Drew in Gainesville: Dave, I am a 20 year old student going into my junior year of college at the University of Florida. I have been playing fantasy sports for the past 10 years, in particular having a strong passion for Fantasy Football. I was just wondering how you got into the Fantasy Sports business and if you have any tips for a college student like me?

From Dave in Florida: Drew, I'm a lucky guy. I was hired by (then-called SportsLine USA) in 2000 to cover pro wrestling for a site called WrestleLine. Yes, really. The short version is that I worked my way up from there to this spot which I've held since 2005. It's hard to break in but the best plan is to hop on Twitter and start giving advice there while also blogging and providing rankings on said blog. The good news is that you can do this while holding down another job so you don't starve to death. Get yourself a degree from UF in something involving another passion of yours and then do that while writing/talking/tweeting about Fantasy. 

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