Interactive Fantasy Football roster management tools!

Looking for an edge on your competition in 2011? Our set of interactive data visualizations will certainly give you a leg up on the rest of the owners in your leagues!

Note: All of these data visualizations will be updated with the latest projection data throughout the week.

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Defensive Matchup Tracker
Defensive Matchup Tracker

Want to see what the players on your roster might be facing in the weeks ahead? Our Defensive Matchup Tracker allows you to see the defensive matchup for your players and players you are scouting for potential payoffs down the road. See what defenses your running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers are facing before making that trade or waiver claim!

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Running Back Selector
Running Back Selector

Do you find yourself always facing dilemmas about which running backs to roll out in a given week? Not sure which running back to pick off of waivers in the near term? Our Running Back Selector is powered by projection data from three sources to give you the best read on what to expect from your backs in a given week!

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Fantasy Points Prognosticator
Points Prognosticator

With so many sources of projection data, it can be challenging to consume all of the different sources. Our Fantasy Points Prognosticator allows you to view weekly projection data from three sources to help you make the right decisions each week, regardless of position.

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Matchup Magnifier
Match Magnifier

How does a certain defense perform against tight ends? Which defenses are vulnerable to giving up big plays to wide receivers? Our Matchup Magnifier allows you to see how defenses that your players will be facing fare against every Fantasy relevant position!

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Defense/Special Teams Selector
Defense Selector

Are you one of those owners that pick up the defense with the best matchup in a given week? Our Defense/Special Teams Selector gives you performance and projection data to assist you in making the right decision off waivers each week. Don't pick up that defense off the waiver wire without using this useful tool!

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