Mock draft confessional: WR2 torture

After every mock draft I do, I'll blog immediately after to review what I did and whether or not I should be punished for it. 

We had a 12-team standard mock draft on Thursday. I picked in the 10th spot. 

Round 1 (10): Montee Ball , Denver Broncos . His ability is good, his opportunity is great. If the Broncos don't add another back he's the one with the best shot to replicate (or improve upon) Knowshon Moreno 's numbers. 

Round 2 (15): Alfred Morris , Washington Redskins . Loved this pick. He has potential to come closer to his rookie-year numbers. Last year defenses dared the Redskins to throw. Won't happen this year. 

Round 3 (34): Antonio Brown , Pittsburgh Steelers . Last best quality receiver left in my rankings. I wouldn't be surprised if he finished in the Top 3 in targets this year given the state of the Steelers' receiving corps. 

Round 4 (39): Vernon Davis , San Francisco 49ers . Ryan Mathews , Ray Rice , Michael Crabtree , Larry Fitzgerald and Matthew Stafford were all out there. I couldn't pull the trigger on the receivers or backs and I knew I could get a better value at quarterback. I didn't want a headache or disadvantage at tight end. 

Round 5 (58): Steven Jackson , Atlanta Falcons . My queue was wiped out after eight consecutive picks of players I would have taken went in front of me. The best receivers left were Julian Edelman , Percy Harvin and Golden Tate . I punted for a running back knowing that position would get ugly really quickly. 

Round 6 (63): Matt Ryan , Falcons. I wasn't comfortable with Golden Tate this early and I figure I could get a start-worthy wideout in Round 7. So I took a quarterback at a great value. 

Round 7 (82): Eric Decker , New York Jets . I don't really like Decker for Fantasy his value is okay here. He might claw his way to 1,000 yards. Maybe. Ugh. This pick forced me to spend more picks than I wanted to on receivers. 

Round 8 (87): Justin Blackmon , Jacksonville Jaguars . Because if you're going to stock up on wing-and-a-prayer receivers, you might as well start with the one who has the most potential to post big numbers ... and the most potential to not play in 2014. 

Round 9 (106): Dwayne Bowe , Kansas City Chiefs . Made me sick to do this but a No. 1 receiver after the 100th pick mark is not a bad thing. At least I keep telling myself that. And Bowe has talent -- it's the team's gameplans and quarterback weaknesses that held him back last year. I keep telling myself that too. 

Round 10 (111): Marvin Jones , Cincinnati Bengals . Ten touchdowns last year, likely to be the solid No. 2 guy for the Bengals offense this year. There will be matchups where I'll start him. 

Round 11 (130): Ahmad Bradshaw , Indianapolis Colts . The Colts re-signed him unnecessarily early this spring. If he's okay and Trent Richardson still struggles then this pick will work out for at least two weeks before he tears/breaks something. 

Round 12 (135): Travaris Cadet , New Orleans Saints . Sleeper as the potential new Darren Sproles in New Orleans.

Round 13 (154): Broncos DST. A lot of great talent there. The toughest QBs they'll face: Andrew Luck , Tom Brady , Colin Kaepernick , Russell Wilson and Philip Rivers twice.

Round 14 (159): C.J. Anderson , Broncos. Montee Ball insurance. 

Round 15 (178): A kicker.

Punishment scale: Mild. My team won't have many lineup decisions to begin the year, a plus in my book. My weak spot is absolutely at the WR2 spot with an honorable mention to my Flex. But I think I have the depth to cover both. I will do an extra 10 minutes on the elliptical machine and watch whatever junk my wife is watching on TV tonight as punishment for what is otherwise a not-bad draft. 

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