Most favored Fantasy Bronco: Not Peyton Manning

We're already expecting two Broncos players -- Peyton Manning and Montee Ball -- to be consensus Top 15 (if not Top 12) picks in drafts this summer. But they might not be the most popular Bronco to target in Fantasy Football

On Sunday I asked my Twitter followers who the first Denver Broncos player they'll draft will be. I asked this as a basic way to gauge what's more popular: Going with the running back first or the quarterback first, figuring that people would choose Ball if they still valued rushers and Manning if they wanted a rock-solid and safe passer. 

But my Twitter followers are smart people (or at least they think they are). Surprisingly, the Bronco they most want is neither Peyton nor Montee. 

The overwhelming vote getter: Demaryius Thomas with 46 pct. of the vote. In fact, Manning and Ball barely beat Thomas combined! Manning had 26 pct. of the vote, Ball had 22 pct. Poor Julius Thomas had 6 pct. 

I can't say I blame them: Thomas finished second in Fantasy points with 220 and had 10-plus Fantasy points in 11 of 15 games, tied for second-best behind only Josh Gordon. And he averaged 13.8 Fantasy points per game. Dig a little deeper and Thomas has 10-plus Fantasy points in 21 of his last 32. A.J. Green has as many and no one else at receiver has more. 

And best of all, Thomas is practically a shoo-in to get drafted after Manning and Ball (or is it Ball and Manning?!) this summer. Definitely not a bad player to target. 

Last thing: The poll results suggest a) more people than not are not sold on taking a quarterback early (or they are and just don't want Manning, and b) more people than not are not sold on Ball as a Top 12-15ish pick. There's research to be done in both areas. 

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