Sam Bradford for a cup of coffee?

With the NFL Draft being just weeks away, our NFL Insider Jason La Canfora decided to write an in-depth piece Monday about how the Rams should consider trading quarterback Sam Bradford -- or at the very least see what kind of value he has on the open market.

So we decided to pose the question, hoping to get some serious responses.

We got these instead.

On one hand I'm disappointed in our Twitter followers for being so snarkastic. On the other hand, I'm kind of impressed with how specific they were. For instance, Jason Weiner thinks Bradford's not worth a regular 25-ounce bottle of shampoo, but rather some smaller, "hotelesque" sizes. And Chuck Juntunen thinks requesting cheese on those six burgers would just be too much to ask for. There were other suggestions to follow, such as "a bag of balls and maybe a McNabb" and "maybe some sick pelts."

Have a better idea of Sam Bradford's trade value? Read La Canfora's piece, then Tweet us, or leave it in the comments below. Actual football assets would be nice, but we know better than to expect that. Just try to match the same level of specificity as those who preceded you. Don't just put "a bag of chips," let us know whether they're Doritos or Baked Lays -- there's a big difference. 

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