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Travis Kelce was a big component on many championship rosters in 2020 and he has been the foundational piece for many mock drafters this offseason thus far. Kelce is now consistently coming off the board in the first round of drafts -- and that's not something we see often at the tight end position. It goes to show that the weekly advantage he provided over the vast majority of the tight end field in 2020 caught the attention of the mainstream. Can he repeat the performance in 2021? Are we drafting him at his ceiling? 

It's easy to get excited about Kelce but more importantly than that, we want to keep you up to date with everything surrounding his 2021 profile. Below, we'll break down Kelce's outlook, changes in his ADP, where he's going in mock drafts, training camp/preseason updates and more.

2021 Outlook

The question isn't whether or not Travis Kelce is the consensus top tight end in Fantasy Football (he is, duh), the question is when to draft him. If you don't like playing the waiver wire or dealing with middling tight end results, or if you just like plain ol' safe picks, then you should crave Kelce. If you're a little more adventurous or like to stock up on running backs early, you should pass. Another factor is league scoring: Kelce's averaged at least 6.0 more Fantasy points per game in PPR in each of his past three seasons. That makes him a little less enticing in half- and non-PPR formats. 

You also shouldn't expect him to repeat the 20.3 PPR points per game (13.3 in non-PPR) he had in 2020. Coming close is a possibility, though -- he slammed home a 17.9 PPR average in 2018 (11.4 in non-PPR) with an electric Patrick Mahomes and was a few points down from there in 2019 when Mahomes didn't play 16 games. Thus, Kelce is a no-brainer in the back-half of Round 1 in PPR formats if you're looking for a proven, safe, consistent player, especially one at a tough-to-fill position. He's better reserved for early/middle Round 2 in leagues where catches don't count as much or at all. (Dave Richard)

Changes in ADP

*All ADP data is courtesy of FantasyFootballCalculator.com and for half-point PPR scoring

Kelce's ADP has remained stagnant for the most part, but he's also the first tight end to solidify himself as a bona fide first-round pick in several seasons. As we're seeing, he's going higher and higher in that first round.

CBS Mock Draft position

8/18 half-PPR 12-team: Round 1, No. 6 overall
8/12 half-PPR 10-team: Round 1, No. 3 overall
8/6 PPR Superflex mock: Round 2, No. 15 overall
8/3 non-PPR mock: Round 1, No. 8 overall
7/28 full-point PPR mock: Round 1, No. 5 overall
7/20 half-PPR mock: Round 1, No. 8 overall
7/7 Superflex mock: Round 1, No. 6 overall
6/16 full-PPR mock: Round 1, No. 4 overall
6/9 Superflex mock: Round 1, No. 12 overall

Training camp and preseason updates

8/20: Kelce appeared in the preseason game against Arizona and caught his lone target. Kelce had been dealing with minor back tightness earlier in camp -- that's a non factor now.