Kronwall hadn't entertained the thought of potentially being moved to a contending team for another chance at the Stanley Cup -- at least until Craig Custance of The Athletic asked him about it Monday.

Kronwall, 37, is cashing out the balance of a seven-year, $33.25 million contract. He's been with the Red Wings ever since they took him in the first round (29th overall) of the 2000 draft, and it would be strange to see him in any sweater other than the one with the Winged Wheel. Kronwall has three assists for his only points through 18 games this season, but with respect to his leadership qualities and status as a Stanley Cup winner (2008), the Swede still might appeal to certain clubs. There are only 10 teams eligible to acquire Kronwall in a trade, but it's entirely possible that he'll end up as a lifelong Wing.

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