Create a league with deep customizations, features and tools or start a private free league with friends.
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League Fee
Play free or for less than $11/person in a 14-team league
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Scoring Customizations
Create your own categories, scoring by position and advanced stats
Limited Options
1000+ options
League History
All-time standings, record book, year-by-year breakdowns & more
Standings only
Team Flexibility
Up to 30 teams per league, unlimited roster size, flex positions
Dynasty Features
Multiple drafts, draft pick trading, player contracts and salaries
Custom Recaps
Post-draft, weekly and full-season analysis of your league
Player Pool
AL-only, NL-only or just your favorite teams, plus add your own prospects
Player Policies
In-depth settings for keepers, add/drop, FAAB, waivers and trades
Multiple games/week, custom playoffs and other options
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