Live Like An Athlete: Paleo 101 - How To Get Started

Live Like An Athlete: Paleo 101 - How To Get Started

By Erin Sharoni | staff

Paleo: The buzzword du jour in sports nutrition circles. Some call it Primal; some call it Caveman; some call it crazy. While Paleo diets, Paleo workouts, Paleo meal bars, and Paleo sleep tips (yes, really) populate gyms and blogs, you might find yourself asking, what exactly is this Paleo stuff?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually have to live in a cave to "eat like a caveman." Nor do you have to forgo razors, deodorant, modern undergarments or running water to reap the benefits. You, your coworkers and significant others can breathe a collective, fresh-smelling sigh of relief.

Gary Collins, MS, creator of The Primal Power Method, is a man on a meaty mission who joins this week's episode of Live Like An Athlete for a Paleo 101 crash course. Collins' unique background sets him apart from others in a saturated field of self-proclaimed Paleo experts -- he's a former military intelligence officer and FDA Special Agent, who has seen the horrors of the food and drug industry firsthand. Collins offers straightforward, common sense advice on how to live a Primal-Paleo lifestyle, including these four starter tips:

1) Educate yourself

2) Shop outside of major grocery store chains

3) Adopt a realistic exercise program

4) Find a group, method or philosophy that you trust, and go with it

For more from Gary Collins, including recipes and workout tips, follow him on Twitter at @PrimalMethod.

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