16-year-old Wales soccer player debuts, grandfather wins 200K bet

The grandfather of 16-year-old Wales soccer player Harry Wilson, who made his debut on Tuesday night, won $200,000 after placing a bet that his grandson would one day play for the national team, The Guardian reported.

Wilson’s grandfather bet fifty pounds ($80 dollars) on his then-toddler grandson in 2000 at 2,500-to-1 odds. Last night, when Wilson came on as a sub in a World Cup qualifier against Belgium, the grandfather’s premonition came true.

Not only did the bet pay off, but Wilson, at 16, became the youngest player to ever represent Wales.

"We've taken thousands of bets like these," a spokesman for the bookmaker William Hill said to Bloomberg. "We rarely have to pay out on them," he noted. 

Peter Edwards, now 62, said he laid down the initial cash after seeing Harry play with a soccer ball as an infant.

“He used to chase the ball around the front room on his hands and knees even before he could walk. That’s what gave me the idea,” said Edwards, who will retire one-year early from his electrical contracting job in North Wales.

The grandfather tried to put down even more money when Harry was 12 and enrolled in Liverpool FC’s training academy but the betting company turned him away.

Given Wilson's incredible story, I can’t help but wonder what kind of odds Bovada would place on this trick-shot toddler making the NBA

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