For the first time in a long time, the 2019 Preakness Stakes were run on a track that hadn't been slopped up with mud and rain. If weather forecasts for this weekend are correct, the Belmont Stakes will be just as, if not more, pleasant come race time.

Not all Triple Crown events this year were so fortunate, as the Kentucky Derby track endured afternoon rainfall, which may or may not have influenced the historic and controversial disqualification of the original champion. But anyone planning to visit Elmont on Saturday night for the annual "Test of Champions" shouldn't have too much to worry about, as Belmont Park figures to be under mostly clear skies after an almost-80 degree day.

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Betting favorite War of Will, a duo of Todd Pletcher-trained horses and the rest of this year's Belmont field should be able to run on a clean track, as both AccuWeather and The Weather Channel project less than a 10 percent chance of rain on race day.

Here's an updated and more detailed look at weather forecasts for Saturday:

2019 Belmont Stakes forecast

Service: The Weather Channel
Projected weather: Partly cloudy
Projected temperatures: 80 degrees (high), 64 degrees (low)
Race-time projection: Partly cloudy
Chance of rain: 0 percent

Service: AccuWeather
Projected weather: Mostly sunny, delightful
Projected temperatures: 79 degrees (high), 60 degrees (low)
Race-time projection: Partly cloudy
Chance of rain: 3 percent