A high school softball clash between two Alabama teams on Monday turned into a historic game when it ended 46-45. Park Crossing and Lanier played for five hours and combined for 91 runs in a game that was part of the state's 6A AHSAA Area 3 tournament.

It ended as the third-highest scoring game in prep high school history, but multiple state records were set by the time things were all said and done. The game featured:

  • The most runs in one contest with 91
  • The most walks with 65
  • The most hit-by-pitches with 29
  • Latoria Cleare of Park Crossing, scored seven runs without recording an official at-bat. She was walked five times and got hit by three pitches

Four players -- Janiya Watts, Aryn Williams, Jai Mister and Jamil Young -- came close to matching Cleare by all scoring six runs. Watts is Cleare's teammate, while the other three all play for Lanier.

One of the more interesting stats in a game full of them come from the fact that Lanier only got five hits on the night, but turned 42 walks into 45 runs. Unfortunately, that scoring output was not enough to overcome a four-run rally in the bottom of the seventh to give Park Crossing the win in an absolutely wild victory. 

To give an idea of how close this game was to making national history, the record for total runs in a high school softball game is 95. That was set in 2011 when Cuyama Valley beat Coast Union 48-47 in California.