Belmont Stakes 2018 winner, payouts: Win, place, show, trifecta and superfecta results

Another monster finish from Justify, which gave the undefeated horse just the 13th Triple Crown in American horse racing history, made Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert victorious at Saturday's 2018 Belmont Stakes and marked a historic win for this year's conqueror of the Apollo Curse.

It didn't necessarily translate into historic payouts for wagers on the top three horses in New York, however.

After $2 exacta, $1 trifecta and $1 superfecta prizes of $69.60, $141.40 and $19,618.20 at the Kentucky Derby, Saturday's latest Justify victory didn't exactly break oddsmakers' banks. The $2 exacta from the Belmont Stakes paid out $89, and the $1 trifecta paid out $229.74 -- totals that eclipsed those of both the Derby and Preakness Stakes. That was thanks in part to three of the top four horses finishing in the top four being among the favorites for the race with the lone longshot joining the bunch being Gronkowski. 

However, the $1 superfecta was hardly something to write home about, paying out $1,051.50.The following payout results applied to each of the top three horses, according to NBC:

Justify: $3.60 (Win), $3.50 (Place), $2.80 (Show)

Gronkowski: $13.80 (Place), $7.00 (Show)

Hofburg: $3.70 (Show)

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