Skateboarding: Dew Tour Finals

California is not messing around when it comes to social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus during this pandemic. After skaters ignored the "no trespassing" signs on a popular skatepark in San Clemente, extreme measures were taken to prevent people from going to the spot. To be certain no one would go there to hang out or skate, the park was filled with sand -- a whopping 37 tons of it, according to CBS Los Angeles

All parks in California have been shut down since April 1, but some people took the ruling more seriously than others. According to the San Clemente Times, city officials say they noticed many people of all ages going in and out of the park that they should not be there.

Getting the idea from other cities, they decided to fill the park with sand, so now it's more of a sandbox than a skatepark. 

But not everyone is happy about the move. The nonprofit group that raised money to support the skatepark while it is closed says no one told them this was happening. Still, according to video from CBS Los Angeles, skaters are still using the park -- even though it is full of sand.

Regardless, the biggest question here is how are they going to get all this sand removed once the quarantine is over? Volunteers with shovels? Maybe it will just turn into a beach now.