Canada's Olympic hockey bedrooms are cramped

Sochi Slumber Party!
Sochi Slumber Party! (

The Olympic Village looks like an adult version of a sleep-away camp. Canadian hockey reporter Stephen Whyno snapped a photo of the sleeping quarters for Canada's hockey team, and they look rather cramped.

The room features three twin beds within a couple feet of each other with nightstands and a lamp. That's it.

The beds appear like they'd be too short for many Olympic hockey players. That's a far cry from the luxurious hotels the NHL's stars are used to staying in.

At least from the wider angle, it doesn't look like Zdeno Chara will hit his head on these lofty ceilings.

Another hockey journalist, Greg Wyshynski tweeted a photo of the toilet paper situation in Sochi. It doesn't seem very sanitary.

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