Carlos Tevez's stepfather freed after kidnapping in Argentina

Carlos Tevez has played one season with Juventus so far. (Getty Images)
Carlos Tevez has played one season with Juventus so far. (Getty Images)

Argentine national and Juventus star Carlos Tevez's stepfather was freed on Tuesday after being kidnapped outside of Buenos Aires.

Tevez's stepfather, Juan Alberto Cabral, was taken from his car in the town of Moron, outside of Buenos Aires. He was held for eight hours in which police said the family received calls demanding a ransom, which was paid according to some local media reports.

Tevez and family didn't confirm a ransom payment but did say that Cabral is OK after the incident, per the BBC.

Cabral raised Tevez following his father's death when Carlos was young.

Tevez was granted a leave by Juventus and was set to return to Argentina to see to the family emergency but now that it has been resolved, the team said he will remain in Turin to prepare for the upcoming season.

Carlos Tevez will remain in Turin after receiving the news that his father, kidnapped during the night on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, has now been set free.

The striker was all set to return to his homeland after leave of absence had been granted by the club, but will now continue his pre-season preparations at Juventus Center, where he is due to train tomorrow.

Tevez played his first season with Juventus last season after years in Manchester with both United and Man City. He finished with 19 goals in 31 appearances for Juventus in league play, 21 goals in 45 total appearances throughout the season. He had previously played for Argentina but was not part of the World Cup team that finished second in Brazil.

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