Charlie Weis -- same mistake he ever was

Nobody's calling for Kansas to fire football coach Charlie Weis. Well, nobody named Gregg Doyel. It's too soon, and that's way too harsh a judgment to throw onto somebody just five games into his tenure at Kansas.

But I will say this to the folks who run Kansas:

We'd understand if you did fire him.

Wouldn't you understand? Lord knows I would. Then again, I had no idea why Kansas hired this guy in the first place. When word leaked in December that Kansas had hired Weis, I had a mini-meltdown on Twitter, wondering why anyone in the BCS, or anywhere in Division I for that matter, would turn over its football program to Weis.

What has he done? Ever? Besides serve as offensive coordinator at New England, a franchise featuring one of the five best coaches (Bill Belichick) and five best quarterbacks (Tom Brady) in football history?

Let's be honest: The Patriots could have had you or me as their offensive coordinator, and not some dude named "Charlie Weis," and still won huge. The proof is in what has happened since he left. New England keeps winning huge. And Weis has done nothing but fail on his own -- first at Notre Dame, now at Kansas. And it's not like his one season in 2011 as Florida's offensive coordinator was a resounding success, either. The Gators went 7-6 last season. This season, without Weis? They're 5-0 and ranked No. 4.

Notre Dame (5-0, No. 7) is winning big without Charlie, too.

Everyone wins big without Charlie. The only place that won big with him was New England, and again, ol' Mr. Decided Schematic Advantage had a little bit of help there.

Why would Kansas consider firing Weis now? I'm not telling Kansas to consider it. I'm just saying, the rest of us would understand. First, the Kansas football program is a wreck. It can't beat anyone but a Division I-AA team, and the seniors already have been thrown under the bus.

And now, this. This public relations disaster pitting Weis and his minions against the school newspaper, a student-run organization just doing its job as chronicler of the news on campus. The Kansas football team stinks. The University Daily Kansan has chronicled that. And Weis has lashed out.

First he lashed out on Twitter, and then he had one of his public relations minions tell a Daily Kansan reporter on Tuesday that his questions might not be welcome at Weis' press conference. After that, the PR person gave an off-air interview to Kansas City radio station AM-810 blasting the reporter for asking questions Weis didn't like. The radio station called several other Kansas reporters, trying to verify the garbage flung about by the PR person, and couldn't verify it. Because it's not true. (The station spoke about this on air. It starts at the 1:57 mark here.)

Word travels fast, Kansas. Especially ugly stuff like your coach -- courtesy of one of his minions -- bullying and then trying to undermine a kid on the campus newspaper.

Again, I'm not telling Kansas to fire Charlie Weis. Frankly, I don't care about Weis, and the longer he coaches there, I don't care about Kansas football. Either way, I'll sleep fine tonight.

But Kansas, if you were to admit your mistake from December and fire Weis after this season? People would understand.

Why you hired Weis in the first place? We're still trying to figure that one out.

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