College lacrosse player remains sidelined because he can't find a helmet to fit his huge head

Most athletes will tell you that one of the most frustrating feelings in the world is not being able to suit up and help out the team. Usually, an inability to do so is caused by injury, ineligibility, poor performance, or things of that nature. 

However, one Massachusetts college lacrosse player has been sidelined by an equipment issue this year. More specifically, his head is so damn big that he can't find a helmet that fits him. 

Wheaton College goalie Alex Chu is a 19-year-old freshman on the Division III team, but he can't play because he can't find any find any NCAA-approved helmets that are big enough to house his rather large dome. Chu stands 6 feet tall, 265 pounds with a head circumference of slightly larger than 25 inches.

Chu managed to scrape by in high school thanks to a specially-crafted helmet that was essentially two regular helmets surgically crafted into one super-sized lid. Unfortunately, that helmet doesn't pass the NCAA's code, so he's stuck benched until he can find a replacement. 

"Currently there is no helmet that's mass produced and fits my head," Chu told CBS Boston. "I haven't been able to play, truthfully."

"Throughout this whole thing I've really wanted to play. This is the longest time since I started lacrosse that I've gone without playing."

He's hoping that his story will help convince an equipment manufacturer to make a helmet that will allow him to get back on the field, and it sounds like he might soon be in luck. 

According to CBS Boston, Warrior promised to send Chu an early edition of a larger helmet that's not currently on the market. If that lid doesn't do the trick, the company has committed to working with the goalie to find a solution.

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