Cornell lacrosse team suspended for fall season after hazing freshmen

According to Cornell University officials, the hazing which led to the recent cancellation of the lacrosse team’s fall season last week, involved underclassmen being forced to drink beer to the point where some vomited, the Associated Press reported. 

The Ivy League school announced last week that the incident involved upperclassmen initiating freshmen and that their fall season would be cancelled. 

“It’s a team-wide penalty for a team-wide incident,” Cornell spokesman John Carberry said to Bloomberg. “It involved coerced alcohol consumption by underage freshmen.”

The players will be permitted to practice during the suspension. Last year's team lost in the NCAA semifinal to eventual champion Duke. 

A post on the Cornell website detailed the hazing as follows:  “At one such social gathering, upperclass team members organized a “keg race” in which underage freshmen members, aided by seniors, were challenged to drink a large amount of alcohol (beer) in a competition against other team members. The freshmen were told to stand in a circle and were tied together with string that was passed through their belt loops. They consumed a large quantity of alcohol to the point at which multiple members vomited.”

Cornell University is acutely aware of the dangers of hazing. In February of 2011, sophomore George Desdunes died after he was bound with zip ties and duct tape and forced to consume alcohol while pledging a fraternity. 

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