Cross country runner falls on his face trying to celebrate winning a race, and Twitter can relate

Getty Images

Cross country is a grueling, difficult sport designed to make you wonder why you decided to do it in the first place. Even the highs can end up being low. Ask French runner Jimmy Gressier, who won his second consecutive U23 race at the European Cross Country Championships.

Gressier tried to cross the finish line with a flourish but, well, mistakes were made.

Power sliding is not as easy as soccer players make it look, as Gressier demonstrated to us the hard way. You can see his concentration as he approaches the finish line, but his knee catches and he discovers that victory tastes suspiciously like mud.

Twitter, which is full of underachievers as it likes to remind us, took to doing the only thing it seems to overachieve in: Meme production.

This is a little bit like dropping the ball at the 1-yard line as you're high-stepping into the end zone, with one distinct different: Gressier did still win. Sure, this GIF is about to super overused on every social media platform, but back-to-back U23 championships is very impressive. We like to focus on the positives of crossing the finish line with a faceplant: You still crossed the finish line.

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