FIFA: No 'Plan B' for World Cup despite massive street protests

Despite street protests involving more than a million Brazilians, FIFA leaders said Monday the unrest plaguing the ongoing Confederations Cup won’t put the 2014 World Cup in jeopardy and there is no “Plan B” anyway, the Associated Press reports.

Demonstrators are angry about the lack of spending on public services while more than $13 billion is being spent on World Cup-related projects, according to the report. Tear gas and rubber bullets have been fired at some demonstrators, prompting increased security around soccer venues, the AP notes.

"We are definitely not under (siege), there is security," FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke said, via the AP.

"I think there's a need to express all the good jobs we are doing," he added. "We are doing plenty of good things. And again, it's never enough, but I am not ashamed about what we are doing.

"We are doing well and we are doing a lot of good things."

Speaking at a briefing with government officials, Valcke later said "there is no Plan B and, by the way, I have never received any official offer from any other countries around the world to stage the World Cup in 2014.”

Officials stressed that all of Brazil will benefit from infrastructure upgrades, like airport renovations, being done to host the World Cup next June.

"The country has been able to overcome the challenge of providing the infrastructure, logistics and conditions for the matches to be held in the stadia in accordance with the requirements of this cup, in terms of comfort and security," Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said, via the AP.

"And, I believe, everything will operate well for us to reach the final on Sunday with the conditions right for the country to offer to the world the idea that, in 2014, Brazil will be able to hold the World Cup based on the expectations of our country and the world."

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