French soccer player offended by BK ad, reportedly threatens lawsuit

Marsailles striker Andre-Pierre Gignon is upset over a Burger King ad. (Getty Images)

A professional French soccer player has threatened fast-food chain Burger King with a lawsuit due to what the player believes to be an offensive and deregatory advertisement.

Marsailles striker Andre-Pierre Gignac is often on the receiving end of deregatory chants from opposing fans with regards to his somewhat portly figure, most popularly "A Big Mac for Gignac."

Burger King, attempting to seize an opportunity to thrust itself into the French social scene, released an advertisement based on the chant, though the company replaced Big Mac with Whopper, for obvious reasons. The full-page advertisement appeared in local newspapers reading, "a Whopper for Gignac."

In addition, Burger King sent out a tweet about Gignac.

The tweet, translated, reads: "We've never been good at rhymes, burgers are our thing."

According to, which referenced a French publication, Gignac did not take kindly to the ad and is reportedly pursuing possible legal action.

Gignac leads Marseille with 14 goals this season.

(via Dirty Tackle)

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