Golfers argue 'casual water' rule; one allegedly strikes other with 3-wood

Two Pennsylvania golfers have been charged with assault after an argument regarding golf rules apparently turned violent.

Yes, this nearly exactly mirrors the subplot of a Seinfeld episode.

According to the Associated Press, Lee Harris and Bryan Bandes were golfing with three others (a five-some? I bet the group behind them loved that) Sunday when they entered an argument about, seriously, casual water.

Though initially quelled at the fifth hole, the dispute fired up again at No. 7, at which point Mr. Harris took matters into his own hands, with the help of his 3-wood.

From the AP:

Harris "who has his club in his hand, gripping it near the head, swung the club, striking [Bandes] in the left forearm and the top of the head," Trooper George Mrosko wrote, noting that Bandes was trying to fend off the blow with his arm.

After that, the trooper wrote, a "melee ensued" with both men trading punches. Harris wound up with a swollen jaw, a fat lip and a scratched eye. Bandes went to Uniontown Hospital where he was treated for a mild concussion and an injury to his forearm.

Harris, by the way, is 63. He has been charged with aggravated and simple assault, while Bandes has only been charge with simple assault since he didn't use a weapon.

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