Hate Mail: Apparently you brainiacs know everything about me

It's been three weeks since our last Hate Mail. You missed it, right? Right?!?


Here. Hate Mail. You never know when it'll come back. Or if.

From: Steve

Really? In response to your no scouts in blue" at Urban's practices. Did you have nothing else negative to write about Urban Meyer over the weekend? How tasteless of you.

Urban Meyer won't let NFL scouts wear their team colors to practice. His players actually yell at the scouts who do so. I'm trying to figure out how the bad guy in this story is me. Failing. And I don't fail at much.

From: Doug Gerig

How about you revisit that prediction of yours from 2007: "With Gregg Marshall, Wichita State will be lucky to be the same old disappointing Shockers."

OK, I failed at that. But if you look closer, you'll see I got a whole slew of those predictions wrong. If I'm going to fail, I'm going to fail big. Also, your name is an anagram for "Go Druggie."

From: Ryan

The article about Gregg Marshall is old and I understand that these sorts of predictions are only going to be right half the time. Still, you should keep this in mind next time you write one of these.

I was wondering why that "Go Druggie" dude was reading a story from 2007. Apparently a message board got its hands on it, and circulated it, and told its people to come after me. And if there's one thing you're good at, Ryan, it's doing what you're told to do. Fetch, Ryan! Fetch!

From: Leslie Karam

I am writing to say THANK YOU for publishing such an incredible story on my son Jacob and his sweet little friend Breanna. It brought me, and countless others, to tears.

Thank you, Ms. Karam. Brought me to tears too. Literally writing parts of it, with tears in my eyes. I've been writing since 1989. That's a lot of stories over the years. This one was my favorite, and that's because of your son -- and Breanna.

From: Darrin

Careful insulting Putin, Gregg. He might just take every piece of jewelry you have.

I've quit sparring, but for that lunatic I'd make an exception. And unlike every other reference to sparring I've ever made -- it's a fun way to exercise, it builds camaraderie, etc. and so on -- this time I'll say something else: If I could get him into a ring, I'd like to hurt him.

From: Mark Eckert

With your recent slam of Dana Holgorsen please tell me WHO he threw under the bus? Hello? Get the facts, idiot! Any team with weak player leadership will suck and a coach can't simply invent it. Have you ever played team sports? Didn't think so ...

Here's the thing about asking a question and assuming you know the answer: You damn sure better be RIGHT. And you being who you are, Mark, you were wrong. I'm thinking you ought to be used to that by now, but anyway, I did play team sports through high school and I was all-state in two of them and I was recruited at the college level for both. Thanks for giving me the chance to say that. It's been a while.

From: Mike Ghent

Your article about Meyer making scouts change shirts ... You must not be from Ohio because you certainly don't get it. Not even close.

I've lived in Ohio since 2003, and my boys hope to go to Ohio State. Never, ever make an assumption unless you're sure of the answer. You're just like that last presumptuous dummy. Don't speak about what you "hope" to be true. Speak about what you know to be true. Or keep quiet.

From: dolphins jerseys

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And that goes double for you, Spam-Bot. Shaddup!

From: Kick

I like the NFL preseason. If it's as worthless as you say, why do so many people like me pay to watch those exhibition games online?

Who am I to judge your IQ?

From: Cameron H.

Lighten up on this whole "get rid of the preseason" nonsense before you end up like Pete Prisco, with no objective perspective.

Meanest thing anyone's ever said to me ...

From: Zaq

Hatred of gays in Russia? Surprised? As a Jew and an Israeli, we have been living with exclusion and hatred in the sports world for decades and the world has been silent. Just last year we couldn't even get a minute of silence to honor our 11 Olympians murdered at the 1972 games. Mr. Doyel it is nice to pontificate but I don't seem to recall any columns from you on either the embarrassing lack of respect from the IOC to the slain Israeli Olympians or the double standard and hatred directed towards Israeli sportsmen and women.

I feel badly for you, Zaq, that you would turn that story I wrote, which supports an entire group of people, into a reminder of how awful your own people have had it. I feel bad for you that this is your worldview. I'm not hating on you, Zaq. Just feeling sorry for you. Not sure what you were hoping I'd take from your email. But I believe honesty is the best thing I can give you, so I'll be honest: I don't take much more from it than that.


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And I'm getting good and tired of your crap, Spam-Bot.

From: Carmine

Didn't agree with your opinion of the three 1972 Miami Dolphins who didn't attend the White House dog-and-pony show. This president will say and do anything to divert attention from the issues of the day. Those three guys stood up and said, "I'm not playing your game and you can't use my achievements and attendance as an endorsement of your policies."

That's absolutely one way of looking at it. Another way, my way, is this: Those three Miami Dolphins wanted to feel love from their crowd, so they made a stand and then publicized it. And there you are, giving them the ovation they craved. Seems like all of you should just hang out on Facebook, but whatever.

From: Bob Marsh

Your criticism of the three '72 Dolphins is unwarranted and petty. With all the low-information voters in our country, enough to return a failure like Obama for a second term, these three needed to share their views in the hope that some needed education will take place.

I wonder what it's like to see every single issue through the prism of, "Their side is wrong." It's a scary point of view, but tons of people in this country -- on both sides of the political aisle -- have it. Depressing.

From: Ray Walton

I think I've figured out why you're miffed that the three members of the '72 Dolphins bypassed a trip to visit the ruler of the Obama regime. You're upset that they gave their reasons as statements, rather than as answers to charges that you and others of your ilk would make by lobbing racist grenades at them for not visiting a black president.

And I wonder what it's like to turn everything into a question of race. That last dude, I genuinely feel badly for. You? I hope you don't procreate.

From: Exasiacat

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But you Spam-Bots ... you multiply like rabbits.

From: Joe G.

Why does anyone give the slightest sh-t what you think? We all can't stand A-Rod; that doesn't mean trying to injure him in a game is OK.

To answer your first question, spend some quality time with yourself. You're the one who cared enough to respond. The brainpower on some of you people ... it couldn't sustain a nite-lite.

From: Bryan

I have a legitimate question I've been pondering: Is it possible to root for a major college football team with a clear conscience? I am a Baton Rouge native who went to LSU twice. Now that I'm married with children I'm more passionate about sports than ever because I don't have much of a life outside the home. LSU has achieved its greatest success in my old age, but college football is a dirty business of pampering semi-pro brats. But it is our local passion, the heart of our community, how we share and bond, something we are all really proud of. Yet it feels like the only way I can stay this tuned in, excited and passionate with my fellow locals is to become numb to the nature of college football and the exploits of your favorite team. Nebraska fans sucked it up in the 1990's to finally cheer for some trophies; LSU fans have to do that now. I don't think it is possible to love college football and not ignore the nasty side. I'd rather be jaded than give up a pastime that connects me to my school and community. Ugly as that sounds. And feels. What do you think?

I think, Bryan, you give me hope. Mostly I hear from people who don't care how bad their school looks -- look at those two Ohio State fans above who defended their team's bullying of campus guests -- because, frankly, it's their school! So you shut up! But you, Bryan, remind me: There are self-aware people like you out there, the (usually) silent minority and maybe even the silent majority. So to you I say: Root for LSU. Love the jerseys, the stadium, the overall program. Just remember, as it sounds like you do, that the people wearing those jerseys aren't admirable simply because they're wearing the right colors. A jersey can look great; it doesn't mean the person wearing it is great.

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