Hate Mail: I called Alabama the best team in America ... sigh

So normally, a story "going viral" is the goal of anyone who writes on the Internet. This story I wrote Wednesday on Alabama went viral. It has been passed around by so many people on Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg just bought himself a small country and named it after me.

He named it The Republic of Moron, because the story I wrote that went viral? The one everybody seemed to read? It was my opinion that Alabama, even after losing to Auburn, was the best team in college football.

And then Alabama lost to Oklahoma Thursday night in the Sugar Bowl.

Which leads to Hate Mail this morning.

From: Auburn Wildlife

Any retraction article coming?

Absolutely not. I'm going to pretend none of this ever happened, and hope everyone else forgets. I like my odds.

From: Toomer1970

Still feel that Alabama is a better team than Auburn, Gregg? Wow! You really should retract that story. WDE!!!!

I'm liking the odds a little less.

From: Betty Lavender

Sure did enjoy seeing Oklahoma destroy the BEST team! Looks like the Tide's misfortunes continue.

I'm starting to hate the odds.

From: Mobi-Wan

Remember that Alabama story, dumbass?

I'm starting to hate you.

From: Scuba Bebe

Delusion over for you and the Krimson Tyder's? LOL. So ... we should trust y'all with the eye test next year? NOT. War Eagle!

One thing I'm noticing: Auburn fans are the only ones writing me. Maybe nobody else noticed. I'm liking those odds!

From: Angel Diaz

Alabama the best team in the country??? So much for that.....Go Noles!


From: Dana Johnson

How does crow taste? Are they the best two-loss team now?

Not sure about that. Coastal Carolina (12-2) and Eastern Washington (11-2) are pretty good, too. Don't sleep on Princeton (8-2), either. What those guys lack in smarts, they make up for with outright viciousness.

From: Buckeye Dan

You sure look like a dumbass now. But that's the norm.

You could've gone to Princeton.

From: Bob Smith

Alabama just lost by 14 to Oklahoma. Do you still think Alabama is best in the nation?

That's the problem with you "the score is all that matters" people. Sure, Oklahoma had 14 more points than Alabama. But Alabama had 87 more yards of offense and committed five less penalties. I think maybe, just maybe, Alabama won that game.

From: Hanks12

Get a new job.....loser!

True. I should be fired for being wrong about Alabama.

From: Sam

Oklahoma rolled right over your best team in the country. No. 11 beat No. 3. You need to stop being stupid.

Right there at the top of my to-do list: 1. Stop being stupid. 2. Eat fewer McGriddles, more Egg White Delights.

From: Kevin

Alabama -- best team in the nation. Yea right. Put down the whiskey!

Not sure I should admit this, but I wrote that story in such a state of sobriety, I blew a negative 0.08 into my hand-held BAC collector.

From: sabJaishsoG

Football typically &12508 ;&12483 ;&12486 ;&12460 ;&12532; &12455.

Et tu, Spam-Bot? Et tu??!?

From: Johnathan Micklos

Don't you feel like an idiot now?

Now? Right now? Man, "feel like an idiot" was last night watching the game. I'm way past idiot, past the shock, even past the humiliation. I'm almost over it, truth be told.

From: Mike McCarthy

Congrats on being the scribe for the "Dewey Defeats Truman" of digital media.

Starting to feel like an idiot again.

From: Ian Brittain

Remember that time you wrote an article about Alabama being the best team?

Here comes the shock.

From: Dale Doback

Gregg, quick, write something fantastical about Auburn, destiny, unicorns, and conference affiliation. #Pulitzer.

Let's end this thing with humiliation. I deserve it. Rats.

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