Hate Mail: Not running from my past, just the idiots stalking me

I'm used to having last week thrown at me in Hate Mail. What I wrote last month? Sometimes that happens too. But today I had 2002 thrown at me -- and in 2002 I didn't even work at CBSSports.com!

Kind of complimentary, when you think about it.

At least, when I think about it. Only way to stay sane ...

From: Wally James

We know you have the whole gay thing covered. Because you're like totally cool. Or whatever. But you shouldn't try to pull an Obama lie -- I never drew a red line in the sand -- by inferring that Magic Johnson didn't get HIV through homosexual contact. He did. If HIV had been spread through heterosexual contact, there would be zillions of cases.

God help us, you're in the same gene pool with everybody else.

From: Robbie Wilms

How's that whole Lane Kiffin thing workin' out for you, bro??

Your last name's fascinating. You think someone at Ellis Island was in a hurry when your family arrived and changed the name, and your people just accepted it? Pretty sure that's how Doyle became Doyel ...

From: Billy Petkovsek

I was just reading your article on Johnny Manziel becoming a sympathetic figure and I have a question. You mention J.J. Redick and how everyone hated him by his senior year at Duke -- but that you knew him as a good guy. Is this the same J.J. Redick that had an abortion contract with his ex-girlfriend?

Interesting thing about the timeline here, and about your lack of intelligence there. As an ACC writer in Charlotte I knew Redick when he played at Duke from 2002-06. In my story, I very clearly said that "I knew Redick" and that he was a good kid when I knew him. The abortion contract you reference happened -- if it happened at all -- this summer. I won't spell it out for you any more than that, which means you probably still don't understand why you're stupid. Not to worry, Billy: Most everyone else here does.

P.S. This isn't the spot where 2002 was thrown at me. It's coming.

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I thought you were going to hock some official nfl jerseys. Focus, Spam-Bot. Focus.

From: Robert Bartolini

This is a non-story. What is LeBron supposed to say about free agency? I guess you had a deadline to meet.

That's me, Robert. Meeting a deadline. Because our publication goes to press every night at ... wait. We don't have a printing press. And I don't have a deadline. Which I suppose means you don't have a clue.

From: Adam Schenk

Doyel, that 2011 NBA Finals question was pure gold. LeBron SHRANK! We all loved it. The Heat won via luck in 2013, thanks to a Chris Bosh rebound and Ray Allen trey. You are so right to go after him with another hit piece.

Hit piece? Yikes. I called LeBron possibly the greatest player of all time. I acknowledged he's smarter than I am, a compliment I'm brilliant loathe to give out. If that's a "hit piece," please someone, hit me!

From: Thomas Garnett

There are great columnists who write great articles and then there are those who take shortcuts and write ridiculous articles that are just so comical it forces people to read -- and you sir do the latter. Watching you write is like watching Miley Cyrus twerk. Leave LeBron alone.

Not quite the "hit me" I had in mind.

From: ray ban wayfarer

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Better focus, but you're repeating yourself with nonsensical nonsense. You sound like a Joe-Bot, Spam-Bot.

From: Greg Roman

Jerry Sandusky prosecutor: No evidence Joe Paterno participated in criminal cover-up at Penn State. Doyel, At this point I will delight in the fact you make Human Debris look like Royalty.

Speak of the devil ... Listen, Joe-Bot. I blocked you on Twitter. I rejected your friend requests on Facebook. I even identified you as a stalker in a recent Hate Mail (last email). I'm being serious when I say this: Go away. People are laughing at you. I'm tired of you. Have some pride, for God's sake.

From: Chris H.

I was just wondering: Can you give Thayer Evans some hairdo suggestions? After all ... you figured it out eventually.

I figured it out? I went bald, Chris. The solution to my hairdo, such as it is, found me. Not vice versa.

From: Nick Danger

I find it convenient that your opinion on players taking benefits seems to have changed when the SEC is involved. You wanted USC, Miami, Ohio State and Oregon to get hammered by the NCAA. Now that it is Mississippi State, Tennessee and Alabama involved, we should soften our stance.

What the ... oh. I get it. I'm an SEC homer, since we show that league on CBS? What you don't know, Nick, is that I've written scathingly about several SEC teams over the years. Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Tennessee. Google my name and theirs. Educate yourself. Maybe you should do that before you write me an email and share your silly conspiracy theory, and lack of knowledge, with my SEC audience.

From: Alex Sosa

According to the NCAA, alumni are considered boosters -- and any types of movement between them and players is cause for action. In the case of Alabama, there should be consequences, be it probation or vacating titles. If not, college football will become more of a wild, wild west than it already is.

I hear that, Alex, and on the surface it makes all the sense in the world. But designating people as a "booster" implies they're doing something for the good of the school. Middleman Luther Davis wasn't doing anything for Alabama -- he was doing it for the good of his own wallet. And whatever he did, he did it to Alabama ... not for Alabama. Dig beneath the surface. Be smarter than the NCAA.

From: HR

Doyel, as you are probably aware I read just about everyone of your columns. There are times we don't see eye to eye, but thanks for writing. On that note, great column on Manziel and media. I agree that every single human has flaws and doesn't need to be to critical. On the same note just because we all have flaws doesn't make what another person is doing is wrong. I think you would admit that Johnny Manziel acts like a punk spoiled kid and that plenty of young college athletes have gone before him and not acted like he does.

Aside to everyone else: I don't print email addresses, but I get them, and this guy is right: He does read almost everything I write, which I know because he hates almost all of it and tells me. To HR: Thank you! Nice emails from people prone to like me are fine things to read. A nice email from someone prone to dislike me? Even nicer. Smooch!

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Better, Spam-Bot. You identify yourself as an NFL spammer, and sure enough, you mention an NFL team in your pitch. Improvement.

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From: Tigerblood

Hi Gregg. You wrote on your blog back in 2008 that Clemson was the new West Virginia after Dabo Swinney was hired and that Clemson was headed straight into the toilet. You also wrote back in 2002 that Clemson fans' claim of being a football school was one of the biggest myths in college sports. Well, HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES!!!

In 2002 I definitely wrote that. At the Charlotte Observer. Not sure about the 2008 thing -- maybe you confused me with Dennis Dodd? -- but I wrote the 2002 piece for sure. (Just looked it up. I did write that about Swinney in 2008. I'll be damned ...)

From: Tigerblood

Dear Gregg, I apologize for my offensive message sent previously. I did not intend to actually send the message ... As a UF graduate I'm sure you understand the passion and pride that permeates through the hearts and minds of college football fans. Many Clemson alumni and fans have felt slighted at best by some of your previous columns and blogs. With Clemson's recent successes -- winning an ACC championship, recruiting success, beating back-to-back SEC powerhouses and climbing to No. 3 in the poll -- you could only expect us to respond considering the asperity of your previous comments. However disrespected we or I may have felt, it certainly does not make it right for me or other Clemson fans to return the insult. I sincerely apologize for my previous message as it is not indicative of me as person, as I'm sure it came across as spiteful and vindictive. I sincerely did not mean to actually send the message, but got caught up in the moment and regretted it instantly.

Aww! Nicest email ever. Humble, humane, genuine. You're OK with me, Tigerblood. You're not a Spam-Bot, right?

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