Hate Mail: Some of you creepy Paterno fans just can't let it go

A reader once claimed to be a witch, put a hex on me and said my children would get hit by a car and die. That didn't scare me, but it was weird. Can't lie. That was weird.

This next guy doesn't scare me, either -- but he's weird. He's a Joe Paterno defender who has been after me for so long, with such creepy words, that I decided to learn more about him. I found out where he lives. I found out where he works. Just in case, you know?

OK, maybe he does scare me a little bit. And Hate Mail has never been scared before ...

From: Greg Roman

This is vintage Doyel in full "CYA" mode. Only the most feeble reader would not recognize what a charlatan Doyel really is. Pathetic. I'm not even close to being "done" with you Doyel...can you hear the Thunder??? A storm is coming buddy...and it's going to rain. Hard.

This is the same Joe-Bot I scolded in the last Hate Mail (ninth email). The same guy who used to tweet me stuff like "the storm is coming" until I blocked him. And then he tried to friend me on Facebook. Now he's Hate Mailing me all the time. Creepy, really. "A storm is coming"? What does that mean? Are you threatening me?

From: Greg Roman

Welcome to the real world Doyel...you have basically been neutered. I can almost hear Jim Boeheim laughing.

I also scolded this guy in a Hate Mail two months ago (last email). If someone blocked me on Twitter, wouldn't friend me on Facebook and publically asked me to stop communicating with him, pretty sure I'd stop. But then, I have neither stalker tendencies nor a sub-80 IQ.

From: Josh Levi

You said Penn State did the right thing after receiving the sanctions by moving forward. I disagree with you. There are a lot of flaws in the Freeh Report. The truth is still not out there. The BOT is as dysfunctional as you are at times. Penn State never had a culture problem. I've been to that great university many times and there isn't a culture problem. The sanctions were wrong. The BOT hasn't stood up for the program.

You seem like a nice person, Josh, though how can I really know? What I know, and all I need to know, is that something drove the leaders at Penn State -- including the president, the AD and, yes, the head football coach -- to fool themselves into thinking they didn't have a child predator in their midst. What drove them to do that? Some would say the automatic impulse to protect the football program. In other words, the culture of football. I'm among those who would say that, yes.

From: Brian

You're a television man and maybe that's why you sound so stupid when discussing anything about Penn State and the NCAA! Just look up the Paterno lawsuit and you'll see why they are changing! I understand that people have problems reading legal jargon but yet you write about it? FACTS are that the NCAA is about to be taken to the whipping shed and get taught Pennsylvania manners! JoePa was no more guilty than your very own father.

You don't seem nice at all. You seem like a Joe-Bot, and you're all the same: Unthinking, unfeeling. You know what you knew in 1982, that Paterno is a saint. New information came in, and it broke your processor. Know why? Because all of you have tiny little ... processors.

From: Louis Vuitton Outlet Online

Cannot believe the naive comments. You go and visit these places and you will see exactly what having this sort of communication means to the community. Alerts for all sorts of disasters. Louis Vuitton Outlet Online.

By themselves, your sentences make sense. But when they're read together, one after another? No sense at all. Which is why I can't tell if you're a Spam-Bot or a Joe-Bot.

From: Tony Fox

If you want to bump into Dick Vitale again, go to the Broken Egg restaurant in Lakewood Ranch, Fla. He's there daily whenever in town. I agree with you that he is truly one of the nicest people you can ever meet. He gives his time to anyone that wants to come by and say hi. I was annoyed by his tweet but like you say, how can one comment overshadow the many great deeds he has done and the man that he is?

Dick Vitale has spent 30 years in the public eye. We know who he is. He sends out one tweet with an imperfect analogy, and people decide he's a bad guy? People baffle me.

From: Martin H.

The biggest fallacy in your argument to pay college football players is the assumption that the system is lopsided and the players are somehow powerless. It is not, and they are not. College athletes of all sports are free to walk away from their scholarships at any time.

When your best argument against an injustice is "the victims could always stop doing what they love," you lose. I'm positive you don't understand that premise, but I'm also positive you do have a heart. Try using it.

From: Joe T.

Free education, room and board is paying them somewhere between $50k and $200k over four years. Universities make a ton of money off the research done by students as well, but since that's not on your TV, I guess it's not real to you.

Cannot believe you just compared student research revenue to the money my network pays the SEC. That's like saying two plus two equals five. If you really think either of those statements is true, I can't help you.

From: Patrick Conrad

Ouch Gregg, you're making my head spin with your circular logic: More money is in college football than ever, therefore, the players should get paid. They weren't paid when there was no money, and neither were coaches, but now that the latter get big bucks, the athletes should to ... because the money is there. The whole argument is Willy Sutton utilitarianism -- once it comes to pass, all of you playing with other people's money will congratulate yourself that it was the right thing all along, in an end-proves-the-means pageant of self-justification. Yet none of you have yet demonstrated that a desire to play college football necessitates a cash payout. Hey, you live on your planet and I'll live on mine.

Nobody has "demonstrated that a desire to play college football necessitates a cash payout" because nobody wants to, you smart-sounding dummy. College football players don't deserve a cash payout because they desire to play college football. They deserve a cash payout because they generate a mountain of cash. And that cash is circulating through damn near everyone's fingers but the players themselves. Keep dropping your Willy Sutton references -- it's spelled "Willie," by the way -- and telling yourself how smart you are on that planet you live on.

From: Randy Hartsell

After getting my attention with an article about the feud between the Reds and Cardinals, I've come to read your stories often and enjoy most of them. Consider me a reformed hater.

That story was three YEARS ago. What was your rush to write me this nice note? Slow down, man. Take some time before you write something you may regret later. Yeesh. (Also: Thank you! Smooch!)

From: Anh Bach

Football is not simply just a game anymore. Nowadays, it is a big business to make money for the schools. And the coaches gets big raises every time the team wins. I think the players should get paid and be taken care of by health insurance when they got injured. The schools should show some care to the players who've been loyal and dedicated themselves to the schools. Please forgive me for writing broken English with accent ...


From: AdvivipDraila

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Spam-Bot, I feel like there's some really good material there. Great names, nouns and verbs. The order's all jumbled, but again, there's potential there.

From: roassilatrold

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From: Kyle Hargis

I really, really wish you'd do a follow-up article with the boy that was bullied. Would the football players have done these nice things had their ball not been taken away? Would they have stopped torturing this child on their own? Or would they have merrily continued had they not been discovered? They should not be celebrated in the slightest. I'm surprised at you, actually. Your judgment is usually much better. I guarantee you that the boy who was bullied doesn't feel they are praiseworthy. I'm willing to bet that he still feels like something that was shoveled out of the pigsty.

Great point. That kid, whoever he is, probably isn't thrilled about the positive attention the team has received. And I feel badly for him. But my theory on stuff like this has evolved: When someone screws up -- Chris Culliver says something homophobic, Riley Cooper says something racist, Union High football players bully a kid online -- it's a bad deal. Obviously. But what happens next? How does Culliver respond? What does Cooper do? What about those players at Union High? What happens next fascinates and often inspires me. I'm trying to pass along that fascination, and inspiration, to others.

From: Patricia B.

One of my grandsons was sat down from his high school cross country team this week because of a food fight. I want to send your Union High School story to him, but I can't get it to print. Can I get you to send me a copy? (Address redacted.) I want to write my grandson a letter. I would like this boy to do much better.

This is why I wrote what I wrote. THIS is why. (Your letter is in the mail, Ms. B. Thank you for asking.)

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