Hate Mail: What do Jameis Winston and Joe Paterno have in common?

Comparing Jameis Winston to Joe Paterno is apples and oranges. (USATSI)
Comparing Jameis Winston to Joe Paterno is apples and oranges. (USATSI)

What do the allegations against Jameis Winston have to do with Joe Paterno? Not a damn thing. You know that. I know that. But the Joe-Bots? They don't know anything.

But they keep squishing their way into Hate Mail, like the primordial ooze they are.

First, though, a study in myopia, hyper-sensitivity and reading incomprehension from "Noles Sally."

From: Sally Hawthorne (aka "Noles Sally")

For someone who claims to like FSU, you certainly bashed the program through your entire article posted today. It is almost impossible to find haters like you in the national media, because most sports-minded people praise the team's accomplishments.

Here's the story. Show me where I "bashed the program" -- and not "through [my] entire article," either. Show me where I bashed FSU one time. Just once.

From: Chris

I don't get your support of Jameis Winston for Heisman. Integrity is part of the voting criteria. I'll accept that it was not rape, given that we have no evidence of rape. But what are we to make of a man who has intercourse with a girl so drunk that she cannot remember anything?

First, we don't know Winston is innocent -- and we also don't know that she was "so drunk she cannot remember anything." What we know, after reading all the reports from conflicting witnesses, is that we don't have any idea what happened that night. Second, if I'm supporting Jameis Winston for the Heisman (and I am), then I'm the worst FSU hater of all time. Or "Noles Sally" is a complete moron. Those are our options.

From: David B.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General said Joe Paterno was truthful and under no further investigation. Yet you want him crucified. What's wrong, Jameis Winston was not a Hall of Fame coach that you could libel? Hypocrite.

This is why you Joe-Bots are the worst. You're vile, slithery, yucky little invertebrate creatures who belong under a rock. You equate an opinion on Jameis Winston -- about a night that we have no idea what happened -- to an opinion on Joe Paterno, who we know for a fact was told by Mike McQueary that Sandusky molested a kid. And we know for a fact that Sandusky remained free, and kept molesting other kids, for another decade. You people are Kool-Aid drinking, idol-worshiping, heartless little vermin. You don't have the same thought process that I have? Thank you, Joe-Bot. Nicest thing a subhuman like you could say to me.

From: Todd Speck

Let's use your words on Jameis Winston, and put them onto Joe Paterno: "The state of [Pennsylvania] concluded there isn't enough evidence of Joe Paterno's guilt to bring any [conspiracy or perjury] charges against him. That's not going to stop lots of folks from assuming the worst, because that's what lots of folks do: assume guilt. If you're famous and accused of something, you're guilty."

If A equals B, then C must equal D. That's what you're saying, Todd. You're not smart enough to know it, but that's what you're saying. Read what I said to that last subhuman, Todd. Same applies to you.

From: JoePa FTW

Hey [expletive], why the change of heart on due process for Jameis Winston when you didn't care about that for Paterno?

I miss "Noles Sally." She's not the deepest thinker I ever saw, but at least she wasn't defending a man who was told about a pedophile in his midst -- and couldn't be bothered to make sure the pedophile was stopped.

From: Rick Ramage

Of all the gay sportswriters, you're not only my most favorite, but you're definitely the gayest! Keep kickin' butt, Greggy!

If Darwin's right, and he was, your seed won't last much longer.

From: Karim Rashid

Gregg, thank you for all of your hard work for the starving impoverished people of sub-Saharan Africa. Every time you sit in front of the TV with your laptop to write about a ballgame with a cheeseburger, you are saving countless black African lives.

I wrote a story about the good work Mike Hamilton is doing in Africa, and provided links for folks who want to help him do it. You wrote a whiny email to the guy who wrote that story. One of us is utterly useless to the folks in Africa, Karim. Got a mirror? I bet you do. I bet you love that thing.

From: Mike Nealley

What gives with your angry side on hiatus? Of late you are writing as if a new boss has given you an ultimatum to be nicer and less inflammatory. I'm sensing some freedom being pulled from your writing. Am I wrong?

Great question, and yes: You're wrong. I can still bring out my hammer -- like I did this week when I wrote about the BBWAA, and about Mike Shanahan -- but there's more to life than outrage. And there's more to me than anger. What you're reading now is me in 360 degrees. Me in HD. Me without barriers. Except for my clothes. You're still reading me with clothes. At least, I'm in clothes. No idea if you're in clothes when you read me, but I sure hope so.

From: Don Joel

Auburn-Alabama is the most serious rivalry in the country? Obviously you never heard of the World's Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party. It is nonpareil with a stadium divided in two, half to the DAWGS! I've been a DAWG fan all my 81 years.

So you're talking about GEORGIA and -- some other school. Nope, never heard of that game, and never been there each year from 1990-93. But I promise you this: When I reach 81, I won't use my age as some sort of trump card on the poker table of life. Because it's not, Don. It's a number. It's a big number in your case, and congratulations on getting there. But it's just a number. Pipe down.

From: Roger Bauman

I think if you really knew Coach Arseneault you would have a different opinion of him and his system at Grinnell. I don't agree that he is coaching to sell books. By the way are you writing to sell articles?

You selling stupid? Rick Reilly is buying. Go sell it to him.

From: Matt Hatcher

I guess it is pretty easy to make a comment about Grinnell basketball when you have never worn a cup or a jock.

Grunt. I meathead. You sissy boy. Grunt.

From: Staggeron SNC

The practicing profession will usher in a Golden Age. Same ethnic group. No! Country is Nepal screamed, must not be allowed to ruin the the Ashikaga family's glory in the hands of the generals. But she also understands today's troubled world, not the power of the shogunate might as up and down a local tyrant. You, quickly, to write to the left generals let him on Rockwell.

You gonna sell me something, Spam-Bot, or just babble all day?

From: Robert Bartolini, on Nov. 15

I have heard from some good sources familiar with the situation that Jameis Winston is a witness and the alleged offender is an ex-Nole who is now in the NFL.

Great sources, Robert. My guess is, you've forgotten this email from nearly a month ago. People tend to forget their mistakes when they're self-important blowhards. This is your reminder -- about all of it.

From: Robert Bartolini, three weeks later

You know exactly why FSU is being given a pass and not Ohio State. Ohio State gave up 34 to Cal, 30 to Northwestern, 35 to Illinois and 41 to Michigan. This article is trolling. You also forgot to mention where you went to school.

I went to Florida. Lots of people know this. I'm capable of writing fairly about Florida State -- lots of people know that, too. Your unspoken message is this: "I'd be incapable of being fair to my alma mater's rival, therefore EVERYONE is incapable." Why so self-centered, Robert? I'm not you. And who are you? The same self-important blowhard you were three weeks ago.

From: Peter

Ce qu'il faut noter avant-invebrbrthecheapbags.com-a tous les derniers modles de sacs de crateurs bon march, portefeuille de concepteur!

Did I make it onto some message board in Paris? Is that what happened?

From: Dean

I will not watch the second half of the Auburn-Missouri game because I believe Gary Danielson is pro-Auburn. Thank you.

You want to get mad at somebody, get mad at the Missouri defensive coordinator. Missouri has one, right? I watched the game and couldn't tell.

From: Matt

At what point will the media start to write that Bruce Weber is not a good basketball coach? He almost killed Illinois and seems well on his way to destroying Kansas State.

I wrote that very thing in 2005, and Illini fans crushed me for it. My point? I don't have a point. Just wanted to gloat that I was onto Bruce Weber a long time before most people -- and like Columbus when he first said the world was round, I was hated for it. Hard to be bold and daring like Columbus -- and me. Shaddup.

From: Chris Simons

"Florida State was supposed to save ACC, but instead it's killing it." I love this article you wrote in May 2012 -- not only since FSU will be playing for the BCS championship, but also you call out Duke as a team that has no chance to do anything and all they have done since your article is gone to two bowls. GREAT article!

If I had a penny for every time I was wrong, I'd have a big pile of pennies. If I had a penny for every idiot who thinks a sportswriter should never be wrong, I'd have a million bucks.

From: Rob

Thanks for the "oops" article on Gus Malzahn. It is unrealistic to expect every journalist to accurately predict the future, but I rarely see one admit it in writing when they get it 180 degrees wrong. Usually I see the opposite -- continually trying to make their claims look right.

Most of us are self-important blowhards, Rob. I've had the self-important beaten out of me by all my mistakes. The blowhard is still lingering, but give me more time. I'm working on it.

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