HS player who used helmet as weapon shown in disturbing video

Last week we posted on a Pennsylvania high school football player who used an opponent’s helmet as a weapon when he struck him twice in the head. On Tuesday night, WFMZ-TV in PA aired video of that same player, quarterback Joe Cominsky of Hamburg High School, apparently whipping a football at his teammate’s stomach. 

The video, obtained by district attorney John Adams from a parent of a former player, reportedly shows the Hamburg HS quarterback throwing the ball at a crouched teammate at the insistence of the coach.

According to Karen Hoagland, the mother of the player who passed along the disturbing video, the coach, Joe Sinkovich, has created a violent football culture.

“[Sinkovich] told him to throw the ball at the boy’s chest or stomach, knowing how fast the quarterback throws,” she said to NBC10 in Philadelphia.

“I think if the coaches would be held more accountable for what happened, this stuff wouldn’t happen on the field,” she said. “I hope the coach is reprimanded and not allowed to coach the boys anymore, put anymore boys at risk or influence kids anymore.”  

Cominsky has reportedly been practicing with the team, after sitting out last weekend's game. His status for this weekend is unknown

Cominsky is currently facing a criminal investigation and the latest video surfaced as a result of a fight during a Sept. 6 game between Hamburg and Annvile-Cleona. Video showed Cominsky ripping the helmet off lineman Josh Hartman, and then hitting him twice over the head with his own helmet. 

Here's that video: 

Thanks to Deadspin for passing along. 

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