The IndyCar season was practically moments away from officially kicking off back in mid-March before coronavirus shut it down. Now, it seems like the series will pick up where it left off.

IndyCar's first official race of the season is set to take place on June 6 at Texas Motor Speedway. The race was the next one on the schedule that hadn't been already postponed or canceled because of the global pandemic. Of course, it's not a full return to normalcy as there will not be any spectators in the crowd to watch the race, something that will be rather painful financially for the track.

"For a race track with the IndyCar race, the gate is your single largest revenue source. So that's a big deal to do it without fans in the stands, and I didn't want to do that," TMS president Eddie Gossage told the Associated Press. "But at the end of the day, we worked something out. ... We're paying IndyCar, we're just not paying as much. So both of us compromised, and both of us are losing money."

Unlike with NASCAR, tracks that host IndyCar races do not get TV revenue from the events they host. Gossage also added that every race scheduled for 2020 in Texas will be run, including ones that have already been postponed. 

IndyCar's revised schedule includes doubleheaders with NASCAR at Iowa Speedway and Laguna Speedway in California and returning to Indianapolis in October for a second race at that track. This decision was made after the coronavirus pandemic canceled races in Long Beach, California, Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama and the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.