IOC President Thomas Bach is having a hard time finding a 2022 host city. (USATSI)

Oslo won’t be hosting the 2022 Olympics because Norway’s ruling party sees the games’ exorbitant price tag of $5.4 billion as too much money to spend on a project without enough public support.

“It’s important to get broad support for such an expensive project and there is not enough to carry thought such a project,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg said to a Norwegian TV station. 

Aside from the lack of public support (ask Brazil about the World Cup and Olympic projects), the IOC laid out a list of ridiculous demands as part of what would’ve been Oslo’s bid.

First, the IOC wanted to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony. Next it wanted never-ending drinks payable to the royal family or the Norwegian Olympic Committee.

Okay, well yeah, I guess. VG mined the 7,000+ pages of requirements from the IOC, and most pertained to security. The following do not. 

  • Car and drivers for all IOC members.
  • Diverted and prioritized Olympic traffic
  • Dedicated Olympic traffic lanes, not to be used by regular people
  • "IOC members will be received with a smile on arrival at hotel"
  • Hotel bars must be open “extra late” and can only serve Coca-Cola products
  • All conference rooms must be kept at exactly 68 degrees 
  • “All furniture should be OL-shaped and have Olympic Appearance”
  • Finally, the IOC “proposes the closure of schools, and the local people are encouraged to take vacations.” 
Thus far Stockholm, Sweden, Krakow, Poland, and Lviv, Ukraine, have all pulled their bids. The only bidders left are Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Beijing, China. If all else fails, there's always Sochi, Russia. 
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