IOC president Bach: Rio making progress in Olympic preparations

Thomas Bach applauds Rio's progress but acknowledges there is still work to be done. (Getty Images)
Thomas Bach applauds Rio's progress but acknowledges there is still work to be done. (Getty Images)

As soon as the World Cup comes to an end in Rio de Janeiro this weekend, all sporting eyes in Brazil will turn to 2016 when Rio will again host some of the best athletes in the world with the Summer Olympics.

That's just two years away and it looks as though it's going to go down to the last minute.

Still, IOC president Thomas Bach isn't showing a lot of concern that the job won't be finished on time. His source of inspiration? The very fact that this World Cup has been so successful while it too was plagued by concerns the facilities wouldn't be ready. Not only were they ready (just barely) but there have been very few issues.

Bach talked about the progress (via the Associated Press).

"We can really see there is a great dynamism in their preparations," he said at a news conference at the close of the three-day board meeting. "In particular, the city of Rio and the mayor and the governor have taken action on the government side and are making progress with regard to different venues."

However, Bach again warned that Rio is facing extremely tight deadlines.

"We have to stay vigilant and there is still no time to lose," he said. "But you really feel the determination and the enthusiasm of the organizing committee and their partners."

From the looks of it, they will really have to stay vigilant.

Hopefully we won't have #RioProblems trending in a couple years' time ...

While Brazil is licking its wounds from their soccer team's humiliating defeat on home soil in the semifinals to Germany, it has been a very nice showing in the World Cup and rightfully buoys hopes the 2016 Games will go well, but clearly there is a lot of work to be done before the first ever South American Olympic Games open.

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