Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer breaks his own earnings record, continues dominant run with perfect game

Professional sports gambler James Holzhauer is continuing to make game show history. He already held the biggest single-night earnings in Jeopardy! history, but he's going for more. Holzhauer is now second all-time in total earnings, and he seems to be closing ground on Ken Jennings fast.

Last week, the whiz set the one-day earnings record when he ended the final round with $110,914. On Wednesday, Holzhauer broke his own record, netting $131,127. Even more impressive is that Holzhauer went a perfect 41 for 41 -- every time he buzzed in to answer a question, he gave the correct response.

He's continuing to win by taking big risks. With daily doubles, Holzhauer always puts it all on the table. On Wednesday he bet $60,013. It's been just 10 nights for Holzhauer, but at the rate he's going he could catch theoretically catch Jennings in the near-future.

Jennings won 74 games in a row in 2004 and took home $2,250,700, so Holzhauer has a while to go to match the winning streak. Still, it's fun to see a contestant put it all on the line so frequently, in a kind of reckless way. 

Holzhauer started his run by giving Alex Trebek betting advice, telling him to bet on the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup, so he is apparently better at trivia than he is at playing odds. The Lightning entered the postseason with wildly unfriendly odds before being swept by the Blue Jackets.

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