Katie Ledecky smashes her own 1500-meter world record by five seconds in her first pro race


Katie Ledecky is only 21, but she is continuously putting herself in the record books. She did so again at the TYR Pro Series, breaking her previous 1500-meter world record of 15 minutes 25.48 seconds -- set in 2015 -- with a new time of 15:20.48. Ledecky, a two-time Olympian, set the record in her very first day as a professional swimmer.

Ledecky was utterly alone at the end of the race.

Although she is a solid sprinter -- Ledecky took gold in the 200, 400 and 800m freestyles at the 2016 Olympics -- where Ledecky shines is in the 1500m. She now has the top eight times for this race, which women do not race in the Olympics.

The race is also Ledecky's 14th career record-breaking swim. Her 400m and 800m freestyles in the 2016 Games were world record-breaking, and neither has been touched since.

Before becoming a professional, Ledecky was already having a remarkably illustrious career. Who knows what she'll be able to do now that she is a pro? If her first day is any indication, Ledecky will only get better.

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