Audible, a horse that's generating a lot of buzz in the week leading up to Saturday's Run for the Roses, has the backing of one company that happened to take a real liking to its name for obvious reasons. Audible, an Amazon subsidiary, decided to team up with the horse -- which is currently running at 8-1 odds -- because it shares a name with the audiobook service. And the company, not the horse, is going to great lengths to let the world know it.

Funnily enough, this wasn't planned.'s SVP of marketing, John Harrobin, found the horse while policing the site's SEO. 

"We came across Audible the horse stories in our news feed because we track all things Audible," Harrobin said, per USA Today. "(We) noticed that this is not us. We're like, 'What's going on here?' We noticed that actually he won this race and now he's going to the Florida Derby and if he wins that he's going to the Kentucky Derby.

"On one hand, I didn't want my SEO search feed monopolized by something that's not us, and on the other hand I was like, 'This is really interesting.'"

So, in what might be the most Amazon move ever, Harrobin and Audible stole back the SEO game by making searching for the site and the horse one in the same.

Their partnership is more than just in name, however. Audible has a full-fledged social media campaign for the horse and has donated $15,000 to Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, which is meant to help the quality of life for thoroughbreds after racing. It even set up an entire website for the horse, and the Instagram page for Audible is filled with photos of the horse and the Derby. They're doing everything short of actually affiliating themselves with the team, though they have made it clear they're having fun and not owners.

Things went as far as Harrobin pranking a coworker with an invoice that said that they would need to purchase a stake in the horse, before admitting it was an April Fools prank.

Audible will race out of post position No. 5 on Saturday, and his draw was a favorable one. No post has produced more winners than No. 5, so Audible will hope to add to the list. His draw elicited one of the biggest crowd reactions of the day on Tuesday outside of Justify. He'll hope to notch another win this year at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. If he does, according to the website that Audible set up, everyone gets a free copy of "American Pharoah," a book on the rise of a Triple Crown winner, and a special price on subscriptions.