Lamar Odom breaks silence with outburst railing against his father

NBA veteran Lamar Odom has fallen on tough times.
NBA veteran Lamar Odom has fallen on tough times. (USATSI)

After weeks of silence, NBA free agent Lamar Odom revealed Tuesday what has been on his mind -- and it wasn't pretty.

Odom, 33, posted an extended message on his Twitter account, lashing out against his "absent" father whose only gift to him was "his demons."

Odom's father gave an interview earlier Tuesday and blamed the Kardashian family for his son's downfall. Odom is married to reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.

Earlier this month, Odom was charged with driving under the influence, and the former Laker and Clipper checked out of rehab after just one day.

According to reports, there is fear among those close to Odom that he is involved with drugs.

Odom admitted that he is currently going through a "dark time," and he only blames himself.

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