Live Like an Athlete Podcast: Sports Injury Prevention - Playoffs Edition

What do lemurs, toads and whales have in common with humans? This isn't a bad riddle; it's a science question.

The answer: they all move in asymmetrical patterns, which increases the risk for physical injury. A lemur usually reaches for food with its left hand, some toads are right forefoot dominant, and humpback whales bottom-feed on their right sides. In the human body, the liver is on the right, the heart sits to the left, the right lung has three lobes, and we experience dominant-sided brain and eye patterns.

According to professional strength coach Matthew Uohara, these natural asymmetries bring about patterns of dysfunctional movement. Add high level professional sports to the primordial mix and the resulting recipe is one ripe for ankle spraining, groin straining disaster. 

Uohara uses the intense level of play in the NBA and NHL playoffs as examples, citing Chris Paul's hamstring issues and Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg's need to rest. He breaks down the science and offers practical advice on how the rest of us non pro-athletes can prevent and treat our inevitable injuries.

Get ready to geek out, kids.

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