Live Like an Athlete Podcast - The Vegan Athlete: Mission Impossible?

Ever met a vegan pro-athlete? Much like the elusive Tibetan Antelope, they do exist. If you look hard enough. 

Which begs the question: Is it possible to build muscle, lose fat and perform at peak levels without a steady supply of animal-based protein and fat? Some experts would emphatically insist, no; but comedian Mark Malkoff's biceps beg to differ. While Malkoff makes his money off laughs, not leaps, he nonethless embarked on a 28-day journey to morph into his desired alter-ego, The Incredible Hulk...while consuming a vegan diet.

Under the guidance of celebrity fitness guru Robert Brace, Mark turned from flab to fab, all without the help of animals. Or Photoshop.

The results are impressive, and Brace explains how both pro-athletes and mere mortals just looking to transform into their favorite superhero characters, can use plant-based nutrition to get ripped.

Is it the only way? No. Is it a viable option, if applied properly? Appears so.

Food For Thought: If you're looking to build muscle like Mark, vegan or not, check out trainer Robert Brace's 28-Day Challenge. The plant protein powder referenced throughout the podcast is called PlantFusion, and is available here, in Whole Foods and on Amazon. Robert suggests that potential vegans start slowly, and head over to for help with first steps.

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