The Austin Acoustic may have one of the quaintest names of the women's tackle Legends Football League, but there was nothing quaint about their encounter with the Atlanta Steam on May 8.

That's when something like a dozen of the two sides' players found themselves throwing -- or fighting off -- fists after some extracurricular end-zone nudging turned into an all-out brawl. Apparently no one was seriously hurt from the scuffle, but tempers still flared after Austin's Kendria Robinson, a 2017 Rookie of the Year nominee, took Atlanta's Alfye Gore to the ground and then challenged at least three others to a fight.

The back-and-forth got started when Robinson responded to what appeared to be taunting from Atlanta's Amber Clark, dodged some swings from Gore and then riled up the crowd after taking on a swarm of others.

Ultimately, the referees did stop the fight, as TMZ reported, and Austin went on to win the game, 18-14.

The Legends Football League, a seven-on-seven venture that originated as the Lingerie Football League in 2009, features full-contact football and currently includes eight teams.