LOOK: Cal State Fullerton has best, most ridiculous facial hair in College World Series

It's not uncommon for organized clubs to do things that don't really make sense to people outside of the clubs themselves. Such is the case for Cal State Fullerton's baseball team, who have taken a lost bet and made it into a style

The Titan baseball team lost a College World Series elimination game, 6-4, to Florida State in Omaha on Monday. Alas, we must now bid adieu to the glorious style that Cal State brought to us, but we'll always have the memories, and that's what matters.

Cal State Fullerton spent the tournament rocking handlebar mustaches and bleached hair, and they used them to build chemistry. "It just brings us together," said second baseman Sahid Valenzuela. "Coach Vanderhook is letting us go out there having fun and we're just enjoying it all. We're being ourselves." Credit (or blame) for the situation goes to Valenzuela.

Valenzuela made a bet before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. He said that if the Cleveland Cavaliers took Game 1, then teammate Hank LoForte would have to bleach his hair. Conversely, if the Warriors won, Valenzuela would bleach his facial hair. Obviously, Golden State took the game, and so Valenzuela upheld his end of the bet. LoForte, who is apparently an awful negotiator, was goaded into bleaching his hair anyway. 

The players were initially hesitant to don the look, but after seeing some success they came around to the look (baseball players are a superstitious bunch). Eventually, the entire team followed suit. Vanderhook approached the look with some trepidation as well. He'd dealt with it on a past team, saying one player looked like a "leopard with spots." The players approached Vanderhook with fear, but he came around to the idea.

Unfortunately, the clock has struck midnight on this Cinderella Story (if Cinderella only got highlights to get ready for the ball). Cal State Fullerton being eliminated by the Seminoles means more than the end of their season, it's the end of an (very brief) era. With that being said, seeing college kids have fun, whatever the means, is the best part of College World Series. It's nice to see Cal State live it up, and we can certainly expect to see more of them in the future.

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