LOOK: NBA referees troll whiny fans as Sports Twitter reacts to 280 characters

Twitter officially expanded the character limit for all users' posts from 140 to 280 characters on Tuesday, inciting social media hysteria and giving (more) voice to those bent on convoluting timelines.

In another sense, if you lived and breathed Internet when actual blog posts predated tweets, perhaps it enhanced the potential for expansive dialogue.

Either way, the sports world reacted. Here, we present a series of tweets (original, right?) in reaction to Twitter's brevity crisis (or triumph), in which teams, athletes and analysts go nuts with their newfound freedom:

We start with a zinger of a speech from the National Basketball Referees Association, which laid down the law for the haters.

Way to set the bar, refs. Way to set the bar.

As you'll see, Scott is spot on here. While the bump to 280 has its pluses, we're all in for some unnecessarily long posts, such as when a college wants to act like we requested the entire alma mater be displayed for us: 

Ohhhh! No! #280Characters

Hats off for this beauty, though. Talk about an opportunistic sports tweet.

Yes, Andrew. Yes, unfortunately, it probably is.

At least they didn't stretch this thing to fill an entire timeline.

Brilliant. Way to comment on the 280 characters without using 280 characters and still get your point across. That's what this is all about.

Maybe we should be praising Seattle for showcasing what's wrong with this Twitter change, but then again, they're kind of feeding right into the problem.

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