We're a long way from Buffalo. Twitter

Former NFL defensive coordinator Rob Ryan -- one half of the football-coachin', bar-fightin' Ryan Bros. twins -- made a television appearance on Thursday morning. He went on FS1's "Undisputed," and boy did he look dapper.

The general public has long been enamored with Ryan's flowing silver locks, immaculate goatee, and free-spirited attitude. It turns out when you throw a pink sports coat on the guy, it sends the internet into a frenzy. Before we get to some of Twitter's best reactions to the Ryan aesthetic, I have some thoughts of my own. Let's hit 'em in speed round fashion.

  • Rob Ryan looks like a crossover between Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause" and "Miami Vice."
  • Rob Ryan looks like Colonel Sanders during the "finding himself" portion of his life.
  • Rob Ryan looks like heaven's greatest art teacher. (Sorry, Bob Ross.)
  • Rob Ryan looks like your dad tried to throw together a Michael McDonald Halloween costume at the last second.
  • Rob Ryan looks like the "Silver Fox Edition" of The Dude.
  • Rob Ryan looks like a guy who stops you on the street to tell you "unicorns are real, man."

OK, I'm done. Let's get some outside evaluations. 

There are plenty of Gandalf jokes out there, but "you shall not pass" doesn't particularly suit an out-of-work defensive coordinator.